Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All the Pretty Ladies…

Mini Pinata 4

And handsome mariachi guys, too!
Mini Pinata 9

My family had a ball making these mini piñatas last night for our Family Home Evening activity. The instructions can be found here (dancing girls) and here (band). I bought tissue paper at Target in the party goods section. There was a pack with lots of colors, including black and I had to buy a pack with several pinks as well. There’s enough tissue in the one multicolor pack to make a bazillion mini piñatas!
Mini Pinata 10

The idea and tutorial came from the amazing blog Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! These tutorials were outstanding! We only made one minor change - we drew on the eyelashes and lips with fine point Sharpies because they were too difficult and tiny for us to cut from tissue paper.
Mini Pinata 12

This project took longer than I had planned, naturally, but was well worth the effort. We originally decided to each choose a friend to whom we wanted to give our piñatas, but, alas, the idea of giving these away was too much! That’s okay – everyone loudly insisted we make a new one every year. I think we will be better prepared to part with our creations next time around.
Mini Pinata 1

Don’t these make you feel festive?
What fun activities do you have planned for the holiday? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Last Minute Valentine's Day Craft

I volunteered to provide a craft for my daughter’s second grade Valentine’s party tomorrow. I’ve known about it since October. I even chose the craft project during the Christmas holidays (found on Pinterest, of course).

source: How About Orange 

I wanted to send it into the classroom early so the teacher had time to familiarize herself with the project. Somehow, it is the day before and I finished assembling everything this morning. Time slips away so quickly sometimes!

The good news is that this is really easy to put together – even on a large scale and even for second-graders to do on their own. I was asked to send in a craft that would be quick and simple for the children to do themselves.

How About Orange had great directions and beautiful pictures, but I’ve added directions for efficiently  assembling the materials and means for a large group of people to make this - such as 25 second-graders.

Ready to get these together for a class project? Let’s get started! Plan a couple of hours from start to finish for prepping the craft for someone else to actually complete. (Their part goes much faster than yours!)

Valentine's heart craft 9

construction paper
needle with large eye
glue stick
washi tape or regular masking tape
novelty toy to use as a weight (I used erasers shaped like rings—Target, party section.)

Instructions for setting up project:
Cut thread in 2-3 foot lengths depending on how long you want this to be. I used 5 hearts per hanging craft.

Fold construction paper in half so it is 9 inches wide and 6 inches tall. With the open edges at the top and the fold at the bottom of the paper cutter, cut strips that are 1 1/2 inches wide. You will get 6 strips per sheet of construction paper.

Layer 5 strips together with each one sandwiched within the next one.

Thread needle and push it through all five strips at the same time.
Valentine's heart craft 1

On the bottom (make sure points of hearts are facing down), tie on an item which will weight down the hanger a little.
Valentine's heart craft 2

On top end, make a slip knot and then fold washi tape over the knot and ends so they are tucked into the tape. 
Valentine's heart craft 11

Note for putting these together to send to school:
I slid the 5 strips  to the top of the thread, folded them in half, then wrapped the thread around the strips so the toy was on top just to keep it all together. I put all of them in a ziplock bag, so the teacher will be able to pass them out easily without having to untangle them.

Now the children will be able to quickly make the hearts and easily have a finished craft.

Instructions for assembly of project:
Carefully roll one half of the strip of paper around a pencil. You should roll from the edge towards the center fold. I rolled mine a little more than halfway to the fold. Repeat for the other side of the heart.
Valentine's heart craft 12

Putting your fingers in the roll to hold it intact, put glue along the edge of the strip right where the two halves will meet in the middle.
Valentine's heart craft 13

With the thread running through the strips of paper already, all you have to do is slide the other strips out of the way and place the thread into the glue so it is sandwiched between the two rolls when glued together.
Valentine's heart craft 15

Hold together for a few seconds while the glue dries. (Don’t worry; gluestick dries quickly.)
Valentine's heart craft 14

You will end up with something like this one. You can insert the pencil into the rolls to tighten the “curls” up a bit if you would like to do so.
Valentine's heart craft 4

Repeat for the remaining strips. Be sure to space the hearts out along the entire thread.
Valentine's heart craft 6

Hang using the slip knot at the top or use tape/magnets over the washi tape. The eraser at the bottom will hold it down so it hangs straight. I had the perfect little wall in my entry to hang this.

Don’t you love it?
Valentine's heart craft 3

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