Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest Post: Jenny from Party Pail

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve not been updating my blog frequently or sharing lots of projects with you. I really enjoy blogging, but it was becoming an obsession and was taking too much time away from my family and other responsibilities. Now, I take pictures of projects all of the time and have them stored so that one day I might be able to get back to the blog and still maintain some balance in my life.
I still get lots of requests for guest posts and advertising, though. Often, I turn people down, but I couldn’t say no to Jenny once I read her post. I love her ideas and she works with a fun party company with lots of ideas to share. You can read more from Jenny at the Party Pail site where she blogs here or shop and get ideas at the Party Pail product site. Enjoy her guest post and please stay tuned for projects as I can get to them!
Cooking Themed Birthday Party
Does your child love to cook? Do you watch the Food Network and Top Chef together? A themed birthday party may be perfect for you and them. A Cooking Birthday theme is a great group activity, and you were going to have to feed all those rug-rats anyway, so why not get them involved?
· If your home doesn’t have the space to accommodate ‘too many chefs’ in your kitchen, consider renting a catering kitchen as your birthday location. It shouldn’t cost too much, and you’ll have all the space and equipment you could possibly need.
· Make chef’s hats for each child and let them decorate as a possible activity early in the day. They’ll have a lot of fun and look the part when you get started.
· Cupcakes are both simple and fun to make, and starting them early in the day will give them an opportunity to cool before the kids dive in to decorating.
· Popsicles are another fun and familiar dessert that make a great party treat. All you need is an ice tray and your child’s favorite juice!
· Personal pizzas are a great way to let each kid participate and customize their own meal. Offer pita or whole wheat pizza dough and healthier topping options alongside or instead of the classic pepperoni and cheese.
· Salad kabobs are as much for fun as food. Each child will get some veggies, but since they’ll make their own kabobs, they’ll only take the ones they’ll actually eat.
· Crepes can be a fun and exotic dessert and activity. They’re actually pretty simple to make, lower on sugar than traditional cake, and they’re usually filled with fruit, which makes them both delicious and fairly healthy.
Author Info:

Jenny Franklin is a bit of a birthday party savant. When she’s not busy planning and preparing, you can find her here.


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