Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello Valentine’s Day!

It’s been a while…but I've been busy sewing and crafting lately. I've recently let Pinterest do the so-called research work for me and found some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day.
First, Avery’s Valentine cards this year:

she wears flowers - Heartbreaker Cards 1

One of the suggestions on the original site was to let your child color her own. Yeah, right. No way was that going to happen!  But, I knew she could cut them out. She asked me to help so I cut a few of the backs but she cut nearly all of them herself. Then, I sewed a front and back together on the sewing machine leaving an opening for the candy. My daughter had a ball stuffing Skittles into each heart. The opening wasn't quite big enough (or the paper was too stiff??) so the stitching broke on a few of them. No worries, though, we just stapled it closed and everything worked out just fine.

she wears flowers - Heartbreaker Cards Frontshe wears flowers - Heartbreaker Cards Back

Avery is absolutely in love with these cards. She kept telling me “Shhh!” so I didn’t accidently tell anyone about them. She was so excited to give them to her classmates. This idea was found via Pinterest with the original link HERE. Dana provided a printable, but I wanted to make a few changes so I made my own.
And, I'll share those, too:

she wears flowers - Heartbreaker Printable
(click on picture to print—designed for an 8.5 x 11 inch paper)

I also made loving peg families for Avery’s teachers at school. And one for myself, of course.
This is my little family:

she wears flowers - love my peg family 1

I got this idea HERE via Pinterest and knew I had to make these with a variety of pegs to represent different families. I found the best Etsy store to buy the dolls from—Clickety Clack. The pictures showing the different sizes were really helpful so I could get just what I want. I made big kids, little kids, toddlers and, of course, a bunch of mamas and papas for those families.

The original site didn't give many instructions – probably because it is self-explanatory once you see the picture. She did provide some good ideas about the peg dolls. I used larger dolls for the mama and papa so I didn't need to alter the girl dolls. I did cut the “foot” part off of one girl doll to make her smaller  because I didn't want to use the "tiny" size. You will have to adjust to make it work for your family.
 Here’s a list of the supplies I used:

Peg dolls – Clickety Clack
Small hearts – JoAnn’s
Bases - Hobby Lobby
Wood glue
Hot glue (for the heart)
Spray paint -  Heirloom White
Red paint – Napa
Cardstock (I totally forgot this part, but I wanted to put it on the bottom to make things look more finished.)

This project is speedy—for most people. I actually painted and glued twice :( After I glued and painted them the first time, I loaded them on a cardboard tray to bring into the house to dry since it is so cold in the garage.  I dropped them all and most of the peg dolls broke off of the bases. With a lot of sanding and patience, I got everything back in top shape.

This would make an adorable gift for all kinds of occasions.
Don’t get stuck on Valentine’s Day when you have love and hearts around!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day this year? I hope it’s been fun!


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