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I was thrilled when Erin asked me to guest post. Her blog is fresh and fun and full of great ideas.

I hope you'll rush right over to see how to make these
Tags 10
See you there!

(Update with the full tutorial.)

I’m going to share a little organizing idea with you today.
It is super easy and quick—two things I love with crafts!

I have one darling daughter who is a little nUtTy in the mornings before school. One way to minimize the craziness is for her to have her clothes picked out the night before. That works until…she gets upset because she already wore something she actually wanted to wear later in the week. I only do laundry one day a week which created a problem.

So I created closet tags—a handy way to quickly sort and choose her clothes so she can plan it all out ahead of time!  Tags 1

Whether you have a child (or you!) who needs a little organization each week or you want to sort clothes within your closet, these little tags can help in all kinds of ways. I wish I had made them when my twins were tiny (but not the same tiny size) and I had to keep sorting and resorting their clothes!

Let’s make these tags!
Tags Tutorial
fabric – variety of colors
Heat N Bond Ultra (no sew)
ribbon – 9 inches per tag
pinking shears (optional)
tag template
Tags 4

Make a template for your tags. I actually traced around my phone and then made my tag a little bigger. My tags are about 3 inches wide x  4 1/2 inches tall. I rounded the corners, but it really wasn’t necessary since you can do it at the end with pinking shears.

Cut your Heat N Bond into rectangles that are a little wider than your template and as long as (or tall as for this picture) twice the height of your template. (My rectangles are roughly 3 1/4 wide x 9 1/2 inches tall, but I cut it a little close as you will see later—give yourself enough room to work.)Tags 3

Adhere Heat N Bond to each fabric section following the instructions on the package. Tags 5

Cut the rectangle away from your fabric so you don’t have any bulk.Tags 6

Trace your template directly onto the Heat N Bond two times. Cut out. Peel off paper backing from Heat N Bond.Tags 7

Fold one tag down the length to find the center.
Place the ribbon along the center on the side with the Heat N Bond with about 2 inches on the tag.
 The Heat N Bond will be just a little tacky and will hold the ribbon if you don’t move it around.Tags 8

Place the matching tag on top of this with the Heat N Bond sides together. Iron both sides.Tags 9

Repeat for the other tags, pink the edges with your pinking shears and you’re done!Tags 13

The ribbon easily loops over the hangerTags 12

We have to deal with shirts or dresses, mainly, so it only takes one hanger, but if you need to loop over a few that works, too!Tags 11
There is no day designated on the tag (although you could do that, too!) but at least I know there are 6 or 7 days’ worth of outfits planned for the week. I don’t press the issue on Sundays although she wears TWO outfits that day—church and play clothes! Since Monday is my laundry day, she usually has limited choices so it all works out!
I hope you find these closet tags useful, too!
 Tags 10


JULIE,  said... March 24, 2011 at 12:28 PM  

I saw you on In Between Laundry...


I have 2 little boys, and do something like this with baskets in their closets, but I'm about to have a daughter, so this will be GREAT when I'm trying to organize 3 little ones! Hmm- might also be cute to make fabric bags for traveling... I use plastic bags for this now.
I just love the idea of using cute fabrics instead of days!

Thanks for the great idea! I can't wait to start checking out your blog.

Brittany,  said... March 25, 2011 at 3:28 PM  

Those are very cute, Tammy! Wat a great way to help make your mornings better. My kids don't go to school, but Sunday mornings are stressful. I started laying out their clothes the night before using these little monkey rugs we have as heads. We call them "Monkey People." Just something to make life go more smoothly.

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