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Featured Guest: Chalk in My Pocket

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Hi there! I’m Regina of Chalk In My Pocket and I’m super excited to be guest posting over here at She Wears Flowers today. I used to teach full time, but nowadays I spend my time painting, playing and puddle jumping beside my three year old daughter, Claire. We explore lots of art materials together and have even created a few of our own, most notably the very colorful bathtub puffy paint - my absolute favorite route to a clean toddler AND clean tub.

I have to admit that I’m a little overwhelmed with the amazing craft projects going on around here! I can barely thread my sewing machine and let’s not mention what happened when I tried to speed up the process of soap making in my oven. So it’s an honor to share a little project of my own here, one for the gals working beside a preschooler and who might be a bit craft-challenged like me.


Years ago, when my husband’s aunt got wind that I was interested in quilting, a package arrived with bunches of perfectly matched fabric squares, a few “how-to” books and a wonderful children’s book called “The Quiltmaker's Gift.” Well, my sewing machine is still dusty and the squares unsewn, but I’m happy to report we’ve been enjoying some “quilting” on the fridge thanks to magnetic paper, mod podge and fabric. The Quiltmaker's Gift has a page on common quilt squares which we’ve even been trying to replicate with our magnet quilt!

The cast of characters for a No-Sew ModPodge Magnetic Quilt:
Mod Podge, Magnet Sheets, Cute Fabric

I’m embarrassed to admit that this is my first time working with ModPodge, it should give you some indication as to how foolproof this craft is. So foolproof that my three year old daughter actually did most of the work:

I started with a generous helping of ModPodge on the magnet sheets. A few dabs on the underside of the fabric helped hold things in place. I’m sure you could just glue the fabric directly to the magnet sheets, but I’m hoping the ModPodge will protect the fabric from some of the kitchen grime that seems to show up on the fridge (please, tell me it’s not just my fridge that gets spattered with food from across the room!)
Chalk In My Pocket Magnetic Quilt with Mod Podge

No matter what I seemed to do, a few inevitable bumps showed up. Perhaps ironing the fabric first would have taken care of this? Too much like work. I just invited Claire to smash the bubbles down with her hand. Yet another reason to craft with a three year old, they love popping bubbles. Mod Podge Quilt, avoiding bumps

I left an overhang of about quarter of inch around the magnet sheets. This allowed for decent coverage on those pesky corners. They are quick to trim later.

Let everything dry a good 30 minutes before cutting the quilt apart. I used my handy paper cutter (or guillotine as my husband calls it) to avoid whipping out a ruler. Trim the long end to 8.5 inches to make a square.
How to cut even triangles on slicer,

Once you’ve got a square, cut across to make two large triangles. If you’re using a paper cutter line it up with that 45 degree guide. Handy isn’t it? You’ll wind up with two large triangles.

I found the best way to get perfectly matched pairs of triangles was to line the point of the triangle slightly past the edge of the cutting area. The more time you spend making careful, precise cuts the better the pieces are going to fit together later!
Each of the 8.5 inch squares yielded a good number of triangles to work with (we started with 8 medium and then halved 2 of those again). You could keep cutting them in half but I wanted Claire to be able to handle the pieces easily.
At the moment, there is a nice little quilt square in the center of our fridge and quite a few “houses” are springing up as well. I love having an activity set up on the fridge. It’s a no-mess way to keep my daughter entertained and the fact that this sneaks in a little mathematical reasoning is an added bonus. Of course the cheery colors and patterns don’t hurt my kitchen décor!
Thanks, Regina! I am so glad to have you as a guest. Be sure you hop over to Chalk in My Pocket to see all of the other fun stuff Regina has going on!


My Kids Make,  said... March 16, 2011 at 3:12 PM  

wow, what a fun project for the fridge. my daughter would enjoy this!!

Krista's Paper Cafe,  said... March 16, 2011 at 3:31 PM  

Wonderful, an easy craft to do with your little ones!
(I have never used modge podge. maybe I'll have to get some!)

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots,  said... March 17, 2011 at 3:19 AM  

This is brillaint! What a great idea. My daughter would love this :) Thanks for sharing

Melanie,  said... March 21, 2011 at 10:47 PM  

Love this idea. Where do you find the magnets? I looked today, but couldn't find any.

Anabella,  said... September 5, 2011 at 9:46 AM  

Love it! I have to try it one day! I did my first Mod Podge diy last week, so I'm new like you!

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