Thursday, March 31, 2011

Show and Share {10}

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Such fun things out there! The list of projects I want to do is so long—and so worth it! Thanks craft bloggers!

These wallflowers from michele made me are so gorgeous! Let’s hear it for spring!

Speaking of spring, I l.o.v.e. these bird nest bobby pins from Shabby Soul!

I love this framed wreath so much—every single thing about it!
Do you think Staci from Just Sew Sassy will make one for me too?

Liberty Original has done it again—she has the best ideas!
I have to make a tulle frosting cupcake shirt like this for my Avery!
Avery Cupcake Bottom View

I have bunny overload at my house, but that won't stop me from making this darling Bunny Shutter from A Creative Princess! Now I am on the hunt for a shutter.

Check out this Barbie dress made from a sock. A sock, people! So clever! Go to $500 Wedding to see the details.

This adorable Elmer the Elephant is made from a toilet paper roll, of course, because that’s how they roll over at! So creative!
{You knew I couldn’t resist that one, right?}

Isn't this beautiful flower window card from Crafting in the Rain so clever?

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured Guest: Ladybug Blessings

Hey everyone, I'm Kristen from Ladybug Blessings which is full of crafts, random life snippets, my puppy Pancake and Handmade Tuesdays. I am so excited to be guest posting today @ She Wears Flowers!
I love seeing what Tammy comes up with!

I'm kind of (okay, a big) over thinker and so it was hard for me to decide what to do a tutorial on! I eventually decided to share with you a tutorial to make a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e fabric dog collars. Pancake is quite the little princess and thus must have collars to match the seasons.

Truth be told, I actually rescued Pancake from a puppy mill where she spent years and I think she can be a princess :) Now I apologize ahead of time for lots of pictures but I am a visual person :) I am also going to give my sizes for a 1/2" collar but try to give examples for larger ones.

Supplies you Need
  • Collar that fits your pet well
  • Fabric you want to use
  • Light Interfacing (if you want to use it)
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Buckle: Correct size for the dog. Pancake uses a 1/2" (measures by the inside of the hole)
  • D Ring
(You can buy the Buckle & D Ring at the craft store or there is a great online supplier here. They also offer kits.)

Now the amount of fabric you cut depends upon the size of your buckle. Since Pancake's buckle is 1/2" I cut the width of the fabric 3". I would multiply the buckle size times 4 and then add 1" (so it you had a 1" buckle, you would cut 5").

Then you fold (and iron) the fabric where it is 1" high (or double your collar height). I bring mine where it is folded up on the bottom and then goes down around 3/4ths of the way on the top.

Then bring this together and pin. It will now be the height of your collar buckle.

Now, make sure to test to make sure your buckle fits before you sew. This is very important because it is very easy to mess up the size!

It is now time to sew. First sew on the side that is open and then sew on the closed side (just for looks).

Now place the buckle on the collar. Make sure you leave at least 2 inches to fold over and sew.

Now take your collar that fits and line it up with the new one, placing the D Ring on and then the other end of the buckle. Do not forget the D Ring, it will not fit over the buckle!

Now fold the extra fabric through like this. I like to make sure this is not going to come off and is secure. Pin in place.

When sewing make sure to place the buckle on the left side or it will get in the way when you are sewing.

Now the sew the other side. Sew between the buckle and D Ring first and then sew on the other side of the D Ring.

Now make a few more so your dog can have different collars depending upon season, month, week or day!

Note: I do not walk Pancake using her fashion collars but feel more comfortable using a harness.

Tammy, thank you so much for having me (and Pancake!).

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh . . . the Drama Around HERE!

 Puppet Theater 10I love puppets and we own quite a few. We have also cycled through a lot of puppet theaters!

I love the tension rod in a doorway kind, but we don’t have any regular door openings on our main floor (except the bathroom and the laundry room both of which face hallways! ) so that idea was out. We used to have an entertainment center turned puppet theater which we all loved, but it took up a lot of room and kind of attracted a mess. Lately, my girls have been using the toy box to perch on as they put on a show over the back of the couch.

We needed something new!Puppet Theater 9

Enter the PERFECT puppet theater!
This fun puppet theater solved all of our puppet theater problems! It is so versatile that you can’t help but love it. It’s cheap and easy to construct. It can easily be taken apart and stored. It can quickly be put back together. It’s lightweight and easy to move. It is also easy to change the size as your child grows or as the space you have for it changes.

Perfect!Puppet Theater 11

Several years ago we bought actual plans to make a pvc pipe puppet theater, which we gave to the kindergarten teacher as a Christmas gift. While we still have the plans, there is no name indicating where they were bought from so I can’t give you a link. Luckily, if you do an internet search there are about 14 million results and you can easily find very detailed instructions for making one of these cool puppet theaters.

This puppet theater doesn’t follow the plans, but you will quickly realize they don’t have to!
I’ll explain how we made ours.

3 pvc pipes 10 feet each
8 pvc elbow joints
6 pvc T joints
pvc pipe cutter (optional, but well worth it)
spray paint
1 yard of fabric for top curtain
1 1/2 yards of fabric for bottom curtain
2 feet 5/8 inch ribbon
velcro – two 1/2 inch squares (hook and loop)

Cut your pvc pipe to the appropriate lengths.
You can use mine as a guide for what you will need, but adjust to fit your needs.
3 - 36 inch pipes
8 - 22 inch pipes
2 - 15 inch pipes
2 - 8 inch pipes
2 - 3 inch pipes

Paint everything—pipes and all connectors.

Try not to get paint into the openings because it makes them smaller and the fit will be a little tighter. Be sure to get the edges of the connecting pieces though, since they will show.Puppet Theater 1

HINT: Normally, this would be a snap, but the temperatures are still in the 30s these days so I had to be creative! I painted this stuff on a little dowel contraption my husband made for me. It is just a scrap board with holes for dowels. I used a paint can to weight it down so it didn’t tip with all of those dowels wagging around. I kept the materials and paint warm in the house, rushed out to the garage to paint and then hauled it in the house to dry. Very time consuming, very annoying, but very do-able!

Fit everything together
Puppet Theater 2Puppet Theater 3

Make the curtains.
To make these, you will need 2 pieces (each 21 inches x 36 inches) for the top curtain and one piece (30 inches x 54 inches) (give or take a few inches—this will determine how gathered it is across the front) for the bottom curtain.

Serge, zig zag, or hem around the two shorts sides and the bottom of all pieces. For the top, fold over 1/4 inch (or serge) and fold over another 2 inches. Sew in place along the length. This will make the pocket for your curtain rod. Puppet Theater 7

The top curtains will overlap the bottom curtain a few inches.
Puppet Theater 6

I also added tie backs for the curtains. My daughter doesn’t really use them, but they are easy for her to secure herself when she wants to use them.
Puppet Theater 15

Make tie backs for the curtains.

Sew or glue velcro squares to the ends of 12 inch piece of ribbon.
Be sure the velcro is on the front for one piece and the back for the other.Puppet Theater 14

Sew center of ribbon to the outside side edge of each top curtain panel 8 inches from the top of the curtain.
Puppet Theater 12

Be sure to sew over the ribbon several times and sew past the ribbon a few stitches on either side. This will help keep it secure.
Puppet Theater 13

Open the top curtain to put on a show.
Puppet Theater 4

FYI…The sides, which are there to balance and support also make a great way to define (and confine!) the space, too!

This is always important when drama queens get a little carried away with their toys!

When you get tired of it, or want it out of your way for a while, or just want to change things up, you can take it all apart and store it away. Woo-hoo!!
Bring it out again when you have time, space or a need for it!
Puppet Theater 8

This puppet theater is so easy and fun!
Here’s to even more drama in our home!
Puppet Theater 10

And, as if that isn’t enough, join me later this week for MORE drama and versatility for this puppet theater!

I'm linking to the blog link parties in the SIDE BAR--don't miss them!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guest on Hungry Hippie

Natalie, from Hungry Hippie, invited me to share my felt cake on her blog today.
Felt Cake 3Felt Cake 3
If you missed it the first time around, you won't want to miss it this time!
While you are there, be sure to stay and look around. Natalie has so many fun ideas and her pictures are amazing!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Featured Guest: Hungry Hippies

Hello Dear Readers of "She Wears Flowers"...

My name is Natalie and I write the Hungry Hippie Blog, full of crafting, sewing, and simple life moments. I am so honored to be a guest here, I love reading about Tammy's genius creations!

If you will, please join me for a fun crafting tutorial on making custom earrings with simple felt and glue-on gems.

1. First cut out four pieces of felt in the desired shape.
I made teardrop shapes.
I've thought of making lightening bolts, hearts, crossbones, anchors-they would all be cool!

2. Then glue on the gems. These gem packs can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michael's craft shops. 

I glued gems to ONE SIDE of each felt piece, so that if my earring turned or twisted there would always be gems showing.

3. Get out the jewelry chain, jump ring, and your glue gun.

Have fun!

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