Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring (Last Spring) Shelf Redo

I finally decided I am ready for spring this year. And, spring isn’t really too close!
I’ve been enjoying winter, but I am done with the enjoying.

I have a whole list of projects that I would like to do, but many require painting which it is definitely too cold for right now.

I have a huge pile of sewing, but my serger is sick.

I have a long list of ideas for other things, but I keep getting doors slammed on those ideas for one reason or another.


In an effort to move away from all of that and focus on what I can accomplish, I pulled a project out of my files. It is from last spring (ahhh…notice the green, green grass) and the pictures didn’t turn out that great. I wasn’t going to share it, but a friend noticed the shelf in my daughters’ room and told me it would be a great idea to share. And, I’d much rather be grateful for kind friends than frustrated with failed project issues.

I still hold hope…it will be spring again.
I will get to paint again—way more than I want to paint!
My serger will get repaired and the sewing will get done.
The projects will flow and I will get to complete them.

Here’s to the promise I can see in this photographically flawed project!

Shelf 4

We read a lot in our home and have a ton of books. Whenever I go to other peoples’ homes, the first thing I look around for is the bookshelves. It is so unusual these days to see any! I don’t know where other people manage to hide their books, because they are overflowing at our house!

I bought the super tall (and cheap!) IKEA bookcase for my girls’ room a few years ago. I just wanted to keep as many of their books in their space instead of all over the house. It worked for a while, but they couldn’t reach the books that were way up high, so those shelves weren’t really functioning. The higher shelves tended to store every single knick knack they ever came across.

With two girls in one (not so big) room, I realized the shelf had to go. But, I still wanted bookshelves and I didn’t want to buy yet another bookcase. I needed to make this shelf work for me. I wanted a shorter shelf (but not tiny) and I wanted it to be more pretty and less functional while still being completely functional. It turned out that it wasn’t so hard to do!

  • We (that would be my husband, but I like to say “we” because I was the mastermind behind his slave labor!) figured out the maximum height the shelf so that my girls could still comfortably reach the top shelf and then cut it to that size.
  • There was one fixed shelf so we had to factor that into the appropriate height.
  • We chopped off the sides at the right spot.
Shelf 6

  • We added a board across the top to hold it all together and server as the cap on the molding.
  • We also added a small board across the front (unpainted) so there would be something to nail the molding into.
Shelf 2

  • We attached a piece of beadboard painted a lighter shade than the walls to the back of the shelf.
  • The top of the shelf was painted white to match the rest of it.
  • We used old shelves to cut up and place on the shelves to help support the books on each shelf. I know the bookshelves are rated to hold a certain weight and we were within that, but the reality of it is that the shelves sagged and almost slipped off of the shelf pins. Adding this support changed all of that.
I wish there was this amount of stuff on the shelves.
Shelf 3

But, actually, this is what it looks like on a good day and, most days, there is a whole lot more stuff piled on the top. I have a great idea for those knick knacks (definitely not pictured)—well, other than the trash. As much as I would like to throw it out, the little stuff is important to them and I am not going to do that.
Shelf 5

I can’t wait until I can paint to show you my project idea for all of that little “junque”!

So, here’s to green grass, warmer temperatures and projects that work perfectly!


Unknown,  said... February 28, 2011 at 8:19 AM  

I LOVE it! And I promise that you are NOT alone in the overabundance of books department.. We have a Giant book shelf in the playroom.. two in my boys room and one in my daughter's room and we visit the library each week to keep our supply fresh! Mine need to be reorganized on a constant basis! Yours looks amazing! Hope you stop by and share it with the Pink Hippo party @

Amy@ServingPinkLemonade,  said... February 28, 2011 at 2:57 PM  

I love the bookshelf. I don't know what to do with all our books. One day I'll figure out something.

The Tarbet Family,  said... February 28, 2011 at 4:03 PM  

I love it and I want one just like it-it is so cute!!!! Thanks for blogging about it :) So crafty and creative!!!

Lei,  said... March 1, 2011 at 9:33 AM  

That turned out so great. I really need a new bookshelf in my playroom!!!

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