Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring (Last Spring) Shelf Redo

I finally decided I am ready for spring this year. And, spring isn’t really too close!
I’ve been enjoying winter, but I am done with the enjoying.

I have a whole list of projects that I would like to do, but many require painting which it is definitely too cold for right now.

I have a huge pile of sewing, but my serger is sick.

I have a long list of ideas for other things, but I keep getting doors slammed on those ideas for one reason or another.


In an effort to move away from all of that and focus on what I can accomplish, I pulled a project out of my files. It is from last spring (ahhh…notice the green, green grass) and the pictures didn’t turn out that great. I wasn’t going to share it, but a friend noticed the shelf in my daughters’ room and told me it would be a great idea to share. And, I’d much rather be grateful for kind friends than frustrated with failed project issues.

I still hold hope…it will be spring again.
I will get to paint again—way more than I want to paint!
My serger will get repaired and the sewing will get done.
The projects will flow and I will get to complete them.

Here’s to the promise I can see in this photographically flawed project!

Shelf 4

We read a lot in our home and have a ton of books. Whenever I go to other peoples’ homes, the first thing I look around for is the bookshelves. It is so unusual these days to see any! I don’t know where other people manage to hide their books, because they are overflowing at our house!

I bought the super tall (and cheap!) IKEA bookcase for my girls’ room a few years ago. I just wanted to keep as many of their books in their space instead of all over the house. It worked for a while, but they couldn’t reach the books that were way up high, so those shelves weren’t really functioning. The higher shelves tended to store every single knick knack they ever came across.

With two girls in one (not so big) room, I realized the shelf had to go. But, I still wanted bookshelves and I didn’t want to buy yet another bookcase. I needed to make this shelf work for me. I wanted a shorter shelf (but not tiny) and I wanted it to be more pretty and less functional while still being completely functional. It turned out that it wasn’t so hard to do!

  • We (that would be my husband, but I like to say “we” because I was the mastermind behind his slave labor!) figured out the maximum height the shelf so that my girls could still comfortably reach the top shelf and then cut it to that size.
  • There was one fixed shelf so we had to factor that into the appropriate height.
  • We chopped off the sides at the right spot.
Shelf 6

  • We added a board across the top to hold it all together and server as the cap on the molding.
  • We also added a small board across the front (unpainted) so there would be something to nail the molding into.
Shelf 2

  • We attached a piece of beadboard painted a lighter shade than the walls to the back of the shelf.
  • The top of the shelf was painted white to match the rest of it.
  • We used old shelves to cut up and place on the shelves to help support the books on each shelf. I know the bookshelves are rated to hold a certain weight and we were within that, but the reality of it is that the shelves sagged and almost slipped off of the shelf pins. Adding this support changed all of that.
I wish there was this amount of stuff on the shelves.
Shelf 3

But, actually, this is what it looks like on a good day and, most days, there is a whole lot more stuff piled on the top. I have a great idea for those knick knacks (definitely not pictured)—well, other than the trash. As much as I would like to throw it out, the little stuff is important to them and I am not going to do that.
Shelf 5

I can’t wait until I can paint to show you my project idea for all of that little “junque”!

So, here’s to green grass, warmer temperatures and projects that work perfectly!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project 365 #2

OK, I was organizing my pictures and getting the line-up ready for the next set of projects when I realized I needed to post the Valentine projects right away because you don’t want to see those in May! I have already blogged about every one of these so they are old news. I have a few other old ones, too, but I am trying to keep it simple—at least these are all Valentine’s projects!

Now you can see how I am counting each and every project.

One creation a day, just one a day!

The crafts…
Project 16Project 14Project 15Project 17

The cards…
Project 22Project 23

The treats…
Project 18Project 21Project 20Project 19

The printables…
(I counted all of these as one project—not 4!)
Eye chart with heart copyI heart U eye chartSmall Heart Eye ChartI heart you eye chart

Friday, February 25, 2011

Get a Deal on Chalkboard Labels

I'm a huge fan of GroopDealz and other similar sites that offer big savings when a large number of people participate. I don't buy very often, but I am always really pleased when I do.

This morning I found THIS great deal and thought I would pass it on in case you'd like it, too!
I've been wanting to make chalkboard labels forever, but I don't want to order just one sheet of chalkboard vinyl--the shipping price nearly doubles the price of the vinyl! I really don't need anything else, so I can't justify purchasing other stuff just to keep from doubling the price on the chalkboard vinyl.
Have you ever had this problem?

This deal is for 4 oval labels--I won't even have to cut them out! Plus, it gives me a great opportunity to see how I like them before I buy the vinyl to make more.

Go HERE to use my referral link. You get the great deal and I will also be rewarded for referring you.
(I think...not really sure if it costs enough to merit the reward points!)
I just think this is a great {crafty} deal and that you might like it, too.

And, while I was there, I also downloaded this adorable and FREE St. Patrick’s Day Subway Art.
Goto Blog
Happy crafting to you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Show and Share {5}

I found so many great projects this week—too many! These all go in my files for things I want to try.
Definitely not enough hours in a day!

tammy button copy

I love this "I love chocolate" outfit on so many levels. This child is gorgeous and her outfit is amazing!
Go to Mommy Creations to see how to do it.

I love this flower! She made more, too, but this is my favorite!
Go to Liberty Original to see both.
Red Flower off centered

Have you seen this detective kit? I’ve seen it featured on several blogs—of course, because it is a fantastic idea! Make the Best of Everything tells you how to put it together. I know a couple of girls in my home who will be getting this as a gift this year. We love to play detective games in our house!

Check out this fold and go bib—WOW! Why didn’t I think of that? B is for Boy is so stinkin’ smart!! She will post a tutorial soon.

Find out how to put text on a silhouette (or any picture). I love this technique! Saraccino tells you how to do it!

Just Drink a Coke does it again—don’t you LOVE these flower headbands! SO.IN.LOVE!!

I love this little tooth pocket using jeans. Craft, Interrupted shows you how to make one.
It’s a good thing I have that pile of hole-y jeans—some for last week’s found projects and some for this one!

I’m not really into St. Patrick’s Day crafts. When I find a good one, I know it’s a keeper. And, this one is a good one!
A Mama B’s shows you how to make a darling Lucky Four Leaf Clover.
Love it!!

Vintage Skye says it best, “Basic white tank top, meet lovely ruffled scarf.” I LOVE the way she made this ruffle-y skirt. The whole outfit is beautiful!

If you were featured today, grab the code and display the button on your blog!
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" width="150" height="150" /></a>

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Featured Guest: My Many Colored Days

Hello She Wears Flowers readers!!!  So nice to meet you.

I'm Lei from My Many Colored Days, where I blog about everything from my creative projects to birthday parties to motherhood, photography, and, occasionally even a race report (as I'm also a runner).  I've got 4 children and we live in and love Austin, TX.
My Many Colored Days

I'm so happy to be here today.  Just love Tammy's blog here... it's so fun to connect with other creative souls in blogland, isn't it?  And Tammy is such a creative little genius... I'm truly flattered that she invited me over to share a tutorial with you all!

Today I am going to show you how to make bottlecap earrings.  I've seen some pretty fun things done with bottlecaps, but my heart went pitter patter when I came across a package of them in the jewelry aisle, already drilled and fitted for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  Since I have a pre-teen I was pretty excited to play around with them and see what I could come up with.  I started with earrings but I am sure it won't be long before she's asking me for a complete matching set!!!  Heck, it may not be long before I make myself a complete set.
Here's what I started with:

{By the way - I bought all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.  Seriously - cannot go wrong with that store - as something is always on sale!}
First I trimmed a background piece to lay inside the bottlecaps.  On this pair I used music because we're a very musical family and my daughter is currently studying the piano.

I found that using a mechanical pencil worked best for this step, so that I could really get under the lip on the bottlecap and accurately trace the size I needed around it's base.  I just extended the lead a tad more than normal to get a loose tracing.  {Of course most of you are probably much more evolved crafters than I, and have the perfect size hole punch.}
Next I secured the circles with some Gorilla Glue, because I didn't want them to float up when I poured in the Dimensional Magic in the next step.

Ya know, it didn't work great.  So I tried hot glue and it did the trick.  But maybe I didn't let the Gorilla Glue dry long enough.  I am kind of an impatient crafter! 
Next step is to apply your Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. 

This stuff rocks.  It is so versatile!

Here's how it looks like when it is drying.  Kinda cloudy.  But I assure you it will dry clear and thick as glass!
Since the Dimensional Magic takes a few hours to set, you have time to play around here on your next step; there is no rush.  I broke out the glitter and some charms.

Set my charms in there first:

And in order to make sure I could direct where my glitter went, I poured it into a folded piece of paper before sprinkling it on:

That worked ok.

I wanted it to stay more finely to the edges, but they are still pretty and "magical looking" (what my daughter asked for). 

Next I am trying something a little more colorful.  Perhaps for moi. ;)

{Isn't this great scrapbook paper?!  You could go with just about any of these great colors!}

I think green glitter would be so pretty with that shade of orange. 

Or how about a rainbow assortment as a bracelet?

This is such a fun, versatile project.  You could put little pictures in there.  Maybe of your kids.  You could add words, names, initials. 

This would be perfect for my 4 year old. And it's screaming for hot pink glitter!
I love projects that you can make your own and personalize.  And I hope you all have a lot of fun with this!!!

Thanks again for having me Tammy.  Hope you all will come by and say hi when you get a chance!  I really love to meet new bloggers!

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