Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Featured Guest: A Vintage Mom

I’ve been sick for several weeks and just can’t seem to rid myself of these germs. Today, I woke up feeling good again and I was especially glad because I had some plans! My husband, my daughter and I spent the entire day (well, until school was out for the older ones!) running around getting the last minute gifts or pieces and parts for gifts. Whew! It was lots of fun, but I am done with the running around.

Which brings me to our featured guest—you will love her!
Wait until you see what she makes. And, you can shop for her stuff online from the comfort of your own home—absolutely no running around at all! Take it away Prudence!

Hi! My name is Prudence and I sew Lollibags. (I sound like I'm speaking at a sewing addiction meeting). My oldest daughter, Lauren, made the very first Lollibag, so I named them after her. Her nickname is Lolli.

I decided to start making them too, a couple years ago, and they have grown into a little business for me.  I also make a mini version of Lollibags for little girls, called Lil Lolli's.  I began by making Lollibags out of vintage fabrics..... I LOVE vintage.  But lately I have been using new fabric too.
I started my blog A Vintage Mom as a way to promote  my Lollibags, but it has become so much more.  I had no idea the blog world was so BIG..... And I have met the most wonderful friends through blogging!  I somehow stumbled across Tammy's blog and I love seeing her creations too!  Actually I started following She Wears Flowers because of the cute baby picture she had as her header, a while back, just a fun tidbit for ya!

Thanks for having me Tammy!

Prudence sells her Lollibags HERE and you really need to stop by to see what she has! I fell in love with this one instantly:
Girls Zipper Purse Lollibag
And, be sure to stop by her blog because it is chock-full of farm fun and lots of thought-provoking thoughts. It is always a pleasure to see what Prudence is up to!


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