Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm a Guest!

I'm a guest today on Ladybug Blessings, one of my newest favorite blogs!


Head over there to check out an idea for a handmade Christmas Gift -

I'm sharing a tutorial to make 2 different types of wands in any color!
Be sure to stay for a while and see all the handmade goodness
Ladybug Blessings
has for you to enjoy!

(Updated with full tutorial.)

My daughter is generally dressed up in multiple outfits throughout the day--with shoes and accessories  to match or not match as is more common. Sometimes she changes clothes and sometimes she just keeps adding on to the previous set. Either way, her motto seems to be something along the lines of “The more, the better!”
Wands 24

You can easily buy wands or even the parts to make your own in just about every store you go into. But I wanted a particular one: No sharp edges, no glitter or sequins and it has to be durable.

I had forgotten how easy it is to make a fairy wand. You will love this!

Wands 33 copy

1/2 – 3/4 inch thick wooden star (wood) or 2 felt stars cut from pattern (HERE)
3/8 inch wooden dowel – 12 inch length
silver spray paint
narrow ribbon in various colors
hot glue

Wood Star Wand:
glitter paint
base coat paint color
long, skinny nail
sand paper

Felt Wand:
needle and thread
small amount of fiberfill

Wood Star Wand: Wands 18

Using the pattern, cut out star with a scroll saw or jig saw and sand the edges smooth. You can buy a variety of precut stars in the craft stores, but none of them were what I wanted. Feel free to use a different type if that fits your needs better. Make sure it is thick enough to have a 3/8 inch hole for the dowel.
Wands 4

Use the drill to cut a 3/8 inch hole for the dowel. You will want to “wiggle” it around a bit to make the hole just slightly larger than this. You could probably use a slightly larger drill bit, but I went for the easiest method and I didn’t want the hole to end up too big.Wands 5

Paint the star with the base coat color. I skipped this step and regretted it because the glitter paint is a little thin. I think I have about  27 coats of paint on this star, but it worked beautifully. The directions actually suggest using a base coat, but I ignored -and then regretted - that!

Paint the star with the glitter paint. There are lots of different types of glitter paint, but this is inexpensive and was exactly what I wanted.
Wands 8

To let it dry in between coats, I  propped it on a straw in a glass with another cup inside of that to hold the straw so the whole thing didn’t tip over. This way I could also paint both sides and the sides at the same time.
Wands 6

The paint turns out glittery and sparkly, but there are no little glitter pieces to scatter all over your house.  It turns out exactly the way it looks on the wrapper of the bottle. Wands 7

If you get any paint in the hole for the dowel, scrape it out so the hole will not be too small for the dowel.

Hammer your nail into one end of the dowel. Push the nail into styrofoam (even floral foam works since it is light) or one side of a cardboard box (not flattened) so your dowel will stand up. Spray paint with silver paint. Let dry completely.Wands 10

Put a small amount of hot glue all around the top of the dowel and push it into the hole in the star as far as it will go. Wands 15

Felt Star Wand:
Cut out two stars from felt. I used the rounded edges from the pattern when I was cutting, but trimmed it more pointy after sewing the felt together.

Using a needle and thread, sew the felt stars together leaving a small opening at the bottom for the dowel. I tied a knot in the thread and put the needle in the inside before I started the sewing so that the knot would be hidden inside. I ended the same way. I used a large running stitch (more like a basting stitch) to sew around the felt being sure to keep the points of the star together.
Wands 19

Gently fill the star, points first, with very small amounts of fiberfill stuffing. You just need a little to make the star puffy and soft. Do not overstuff as it will stretch out the stitches. Squeeze the star gently to make the opening gape open.
Wands 20

Put glue around end of dowel and quickly stuff into the opening. While the glue is still soft, carefully pat the felt together to seal the ends and to glue the felt to the dowels.
Wands 21

Adding the Ribbons (both wands):Cut varying lengths of narrow ribbon in a variety of colors.
Wands 11

Tie beads on to the ends of some of the ribbons. I chose to keep the beads to a minimum since I didn’t want the wand to be heavy--or used as a “weapon” since I know it can quickly turn into that sometimes!
Wands 12

Tie all of the ribbons around the dowel at one time. Do not pull really tight.
Wands 14

Put hot glue around the top of the dowel at the base of the star and quickly slide the ribbons over the glue as close to the star as they will go. Immediately pull the ribbons as tight as you can and put tiny dots of hot glue around the knot to hold them.
Wands 16

There you go! All finished and waiting for some magic!
Wands 18Wands 23

These wands would make excellent handmade gifts for an older child to make for a younger child. With just a little help from you to get the parts ready, an older child could do most of the work of painting, sewing and putting it together on his or her own.
And, to easily wrap up something so awkwardly-shaped, you could make one of THESE and just slide it in (and tie a tight knot!) until Christmas morning.

Now, the hardest decision you have is which wand will work its magic?
Wands 25

She thought the turquoise one would do the trick…
Wands 26

Wands 27

Wands 29

Wands 28

The pumpkin stayed a pumpkin, but the fun doesn’t stop there.
So many fun things to try when you have a magic wand to wave around!

Wands 22


DANA,  said... November 16, 2010 at 6:44 PM  

I featured you today at Saturday Mornings! I would also love for you to come back and link up again this week! http://danajeanward.blogspot.com/2010/11/strut-your-stuff-link-party-and.html

Anonymous,  said... November 17, 2010 at 3:47 PM  

Tried this one out! Thanks so much for the great idea. I linked it up to Handmade Tuesday but I will go back and get your link up there as well.
Your's turned out way cuter than mine!!

Jennifer Dawn,  said... November 19, 2010 at 10:43 AM  

I love these wands! I was visiting Ladybug Blessings and found you there.

Check my blog later today because I am giving you an award!

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