Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Featured Guest: Nancy's Couture

Since the 25th of November--the day I try to post about getting ready for Christmas--falls on Thanksgiving and I plan to be busy eating turkey and not reading blogs, I asked Nancy from Nancy's Couture if she would like to share a tutorial on my blog today. And when I saw her tutorial, I knew I asked the right person. Her tutorial is absolutely perfect for preparing for Christmas!

Hello She Wears Flowers readers. I'm Nancy and you can find me over at Nancy's Couture. 

I was sooo excited when Tammy asked if I would be a guest here. It took me about half a second to say YES!  My blog is mainly a blog of sewing projects and tutorials with hair accessories thrown in. Last week I also shared a favorite family recipe.  I would LOVE to have you come visit me sometime.

With the cold weather and the holidays approaching I thought today I would share the Santa Scarf made for my kids.

A scarf is a must have for my children in the winter. It is especially important that I make sure Dakota wears a scarf when it is cold out. He has asthma and breathing in all the cold air outside can quickly send him into an asthma attack. Of course, he doesn't always like to wear scarves and keep his mouth and nose covered. (Typical child thing. I was the same way.) I thought maybe if I made him a fun scarf he might be more easily persuaded to wear it. I saw a crocheted Santa scarf somewhere last year and thought it was adorable.  I can't crochet, but I knew I could sew one! Here's how I made it.

  • 1/3 yard red fleece
  • Scrap of white fleece
  • Flesh color felt
  • Scraps of red, white, and black felt
  • Fur trim
  • thread
  • fabric glue
  • needle for hand sewing
  • sewing machine
Cut a 5" x 5" square from the flesh colored felt (face)
From white fleece cut 2 pieces 5' x 6"  (beard)
From the black felt cut small circles (eyes)
From the white felt cut a mustache
From the red felt cut a circle (nose) and a half circle (mouth)
Cut a 10" x 60"  rectangle from the red fleece

 Fold the red fleece in half so it's long and skinny. 
At one end taper it into a triangle.
This will be the end of Santa's hat.

 On the other end lay your flesh felt to one of the corners as pictured above.

Sew close to the edge.

Fold fleece in half so it's long and skinny.
Sew around the long edges and the point. 
Leave the end with flesh felt open.


Turn right side out and top stitch 1/2" from the edge. 


Lay one white fleece square close to the bottom edge and sew 1/4" from edge.

Lay the second piece of white fleece 1/2" above the piece you have just sewn.
Sew 1/4" from edge.

Cut the fleece with pinking sheers (if you have them) into strips 1/4" wide.


Glue on the pieces of the face.

Glue on the fur for the trim of Santa's hat.


Cut an oval out of the furry fabric.


Hand sew a running stitch and gather. Put a little stuffing in it.


 Pull the thread tight and sew shut.


Sew the ball to the tapered end of Santa's hat.

Now you have a scarf any child (and some adults) will LOVE wearing!

If you don't sew that's okay!!! You can still make one:
  Cut your red fleece 5" x 60" instead of 10" x 60"
Using FABRIC GLUE, Glue on the flesh felt to one end.
Taper the other end.
Glue on the beard, face pieces, and fur piece for the hat trim.
Glue a circle for the ball at the end of the hat.



Beth Adams,  said... November 23, 2010 at 5:43 AM  

What a cute scarf! I love it. So nice of you to help out Tammy today Nancy.

Amanda,  said... December 6, 2010 at 9:34 AM  

Hello! I love this idea. I featured it on my blog today! Love if you stopped by! And if you don't mind - while your there clicking on my widget. Each click we get P&G is donating 1 days worth of water! Thanks!


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