Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christmas is NOT in July!

I know you thought I forgot, but I didn't. You might say I am trying to can be a little overwhelming at times!

I have to say, the single best thing I did to plan for Christmas this year is to make a little list that has a special place! I know right where to go to write ideas down as they come to me or when family members mention things they like. And, I have to admit, I love having it on paper--simple and quick!

I love the links that are in the Chistmas Linky at the top of my blog just below the header picture. I see so many great ideas and such creative talent out there and I am glad some of you stop by to share it here. I want to make everything there so far! If you have a fun handmade item or craft, please share!

Nancy, from Nancy's Couture, had THIS great idea that she shared on my Christmas Linky. Isn't this a great idea? I am thinking about using this idea as a grandparent gift this year--can't you just see it with all of the grandkids pictured?

HERE is another great resource for gift planning and making. The person who runs this site contacted me and told me she thinks about this stuff all year long since she travels around Christmas time. Her site is simple and straightforward and packed with lots of ideas. Be sure to check it out--and these ideas can be used year-round so you will want to bookmark it for sure!

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