Monday, June 7, 2010

Who's the boss of Daddy?

I'm ahead of this one finally! I wanted a simple Father's Day gift for my youngest daughter to give to Daddy. This fit my requirements perfectly.

I wanted a picture of my girls for my husband's desk at work. He doesn't care what the frame looks like, but I thought it would be fun to say something cutesy about how our children are the real bosses of him. (True!) There wasn't a long space to fit this on the frame so I came up with "My Management Team".

Doesn't that sound just like something you would expect to see at the office? I just hope someone doesn't think he is recycling an office handout or gift.

*To make this, you will need an acrylic frame. I bought the 4x6 size with a bent edge which makes its own stand and the picture just slides into the back.
*You will also need a picture of your child(ren).
*You need to decide how to do your lettering. I just used vinyl lettering, but you could easily do this one with a Sharpie, paint pen, or even Mod Podge if you print on something see-through or nearly see-through like vellum paper. The vinyl lettering is a little slippery on the acrylic. Next time, I would rather make a stencil with cardstock and fill it in with a paint pen which will provide good coverage and look sharp. Or, I think the vinyl could have been applied backwards (cut it out that way too!), if you could carefully apply it while holding the back part open.

Easy, but cute--so there you go!

There are still two weeks until Father's Day and we are almost ready now--whew! (And definitely shocking!)

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