Friday, May 28, 2010

Picture perfect!

I wanted a line of photos in my daughter's room, but wasn't sure what to do for them. So I asked her what she wanted. Umm, she wanted pictures of herself--all of them--of course. I had given her a few suggestions, but was turned down so I figured I ought to just make the best of it.

I started out with baby pictures as requested. Even though she was, naturally, a super-cute baby, they weren't really that interesting or different. So I decided to just pick some of my favorites. It took a long time to pick faves, narrow it down, and then switch them out a few times to make sure they went together. I think it worked though.

Try it out!
[1]To make your own, you will need 5 frames. I used 5 of the same frame so that the pictures would be the focal part, not the frames.

[2]Use a photo editing program to crop and adjust your photos so you get just the right size depending on the size and opening of your frame.

[3]Print out pictures in black and white. I had my printed because I wanted a better quality print. Sometimes, I have printed out on regular paper and you can hardly tell the difference once it is under the glass.

[4]To hang, I centered the first one (the center picture) from left to right on the wall. Then, I used a plastic block to mark off how much distance I wanted between the frames by holding it all on the wall. (I didn't want them spaced evenly across the wall; I wanted the whole long rectangle that the five pictures made up to be place evenly across the wall.) My husband has a small level and we used that to make sure the nails were in a straight line.

Pretty simple, but I think it makes a nice statement. And, let me tell you, my daughter was thrilled to see so many pictures of her favorite star!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hang on--PLEASE!

I have several projects in the works and a long list of the others I am anxious to work on, but our house is getting more and more crazy! This is a good crazy, though.

We have several home improvement projects going on right now (YAY!) and they are taking up all of my time. (BOO!) And, sadly, they really aren't even blog-worthy--can you believe it? Can't imagine there is anything fun to blog about new carpeting, but you can bet I am loving it! Maybe a project for the scraps...just kidding--no thanks!

Please don't give up on me. I will be back! I have been working on interesting jewelry, sewing like mad, packaging gifts and creating travel games for the summer.

I can't wait to get things done and share them with you!
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Christmas Time, Christmas Time

I got back yet another Christmas card yesterday. You know I sent them in February, right? Well, it still took the US Mail 3 MONTHS to get it back to me--seriously!

All I can say is that if they can have three months, I need three months! I think this month we should concentrate on catching up with the previous Christmas plans. I had good intentions, but not much has been accomplished. Sound familiar to anyone else?

Go back and review what we have done so far (just click on "Christmas Planning" in the right sidebar "Contents" section) and see what you need to catch up on. Then do it! I still need to make more of those bags and I want to finish up just one person on my list.

I can do it, I can do it--and so can you! Enjoy!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roll-A-Chore Soft Block

Do you remember the story cube? And, I promised a soft one, too? Luckily, no one called me on it because I completely spaced the fact that I promised it that week! I also wanted to do something different because I didn't need two Easter story blocks.

Enter the chore cube!
We have a few chores that always need to be done, but aren't specifically assigned or part of the regular chore routine. Often I am asking everyone to help with these things on a daily basis and that request is met with groans and protests. Instead of assigning continually, we decided that if you aren't contributing to our family, you need a reminder to contribute and an assignment to contribute. We use this as a "punishment" as well as putting a little fun into jobs when it is time to work together to get these things done.

Let's get started!

I started with iron-on transfer fabric which I got with a coupon at JoAnn's. It is a little price-y, but definitely worth it when you see how easy it is to use and how well it works. I have seen recipes out there for making your own and that definitely keeps the price down, but this was so easy that I think it was worth it. I was able to fit all of my pictures on one sheet which put the price at about $2 for this project.

Collect pictures of your 6 chores (*see note at end) and put a caption on them. Print on regular paper first to make sure they were exactly what you want before you print on the good stuff. You can see how nicely they print, too. (Iron-on fabric page is on the left.)

Cut around them carefully so they are 3 inches square.

Following the directions on the package, iron pictures to 4 1/2 inch fabric squares leaving enough fabric to make a border and a seam for sewing the faces of the cube.

I think the iron-on is super strong, but it made me nervous. Besides, I like the look of applique, so I appliqued around the pictures using a zigzag stitch.

Placing the right sides together--and being certain the pictures are both right side up--sew two squares together. (After I had cut my fabric, I decided I wanted a larger border, so I only used 1/8 inch seams. It was a little tricky and I recommend at least a 1/4 inch seam for this.)

Knowing this will be thrown by children, go back and zigzag or overlock or serge those seams to make them stronger.

Sew on two more squares so you have the four squares that make up the sides.

Sew the bottom on by putting right sides together along one edge and sewing one edge at a time. The corners just kind of work themselves out as you sew one edge at a time. Do not try to sew around it all at once. Double check to make sure your picture is turned the direction you want it to be. Sew again to reinforce the seams.

Repeat this process for the top of your cube, but only sew three sides.

I actually sewed a little bit of the fourth side because I do not like handsewing very much and it makes the corners easier to deal with.

Turn your cube right side out very carefully. The iron-on part will be stiff and get a little wrinkled up as you turn, but it will smooth out once you stuff it.

Stuff your cube with polyester filling. Use small chunks so more can be stuffed in and it doesn't glob all together. It takes a lot more than you might think it will take. Stuff it pretty tightly because it will pack and shift when you start using it.

You will have a gaping area where you left the opening to turn it.

Carefully fold the edges the amount of your seam allowances. Cotton fabric will hold the fold pretty well just by pressing it together with your fingers. Using matching thread, stitch the opening closed. You can also do this carefully on the sewing machine, but mine always seems to work better by hand. And, I know it can be done more nicely by hand, too--hand sewing really isn't one of my strengths.

When completed, squish your stuffing around to fill in all of the corners, especially the ones you just finished sewing.

*A helpful hint about the chores: We came up with 4 that need to be done at any given time. Instead of coming up with 2 more that kind of need done or that limit the dice to just 6 jobs, I made a "parents' choice" so we can always assign any job that needs to be done and "your choice" so the child can pick from a list of jobs we give them. This makes the cube much more versatile and adaptable to different needs at different times.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Let's Start the Week Off Well!

Don't miss out on the chance to win a $25 gift certificate from my Etsy shop at Dang Gina Give-Aways.

Click HERE to go straight to her blog and to sign up for your chance to win! Be sure you look around at all of the wonderful things she gives away.
You will definitely want to follow her blog!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Simple, Quick, Elegant!

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I do like it. I love the jewelry with flowers that I am seeing around so much these days. So I made a piece of my own. I thought you might like to make one, too--especially when you know how easily you can do it!

[Step one]
I used one yard of coin trim from JoAnn's.

[Step two]
I unattached about 1/3 of the trim, centered it and then reattached it in the center section of the longer piece.

[Step three]I made a flower out of a strip of organza. To do this, fold a two inch wide strip of organza into half. (For the length, ine was long, but I only used a little bit of it--maybe 12 inches?) Sew a basting stitch along the raw edges. Pull the thread to gather the fabric along the stitching line. Twist and turn the fabric into the right shape. Hot glue wherever you need to hold it together. This fabric is so light that it worked beautifully. The raw edges will fray horribly, but I just went back and trimmed the threads when I was all finished. Cover the bottom side of the flower with a thin coat of hot glue and then stick it right on the coin just above the place where you joined the two lengths together.

[Step four]
Add a clasp to one end--this trim makes this necklace so easy to create because you can literally slide everything onto each piece.

That's all there is to it--so pretty!

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I linked to:
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PonyTails and FishScales

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guess where you can see one of my projects today? I am so excited!

Amy at the wonderful Mod Podge Rocks site is showing off my Wooden Flower Garden Toy. I could hardly believe it when she asked if she could share it on her site. What an honor! Be sure to go check it out and then look around. Amy has wonderful ideas, gives away Mod Podge and other cool stuff every week, and highlights some pretty fun projects (well, duh!).

And, be sure to look at her craft space. She recently blogged about this and showed pictures. I think my jaw dropped when I saw it--I wish I could confine my mess and be as productive as she is! She called it "embarrassing" but I would trade in a minute!

And, just a little FYI about this toy...At first it was completely ignored, but I have noticed it is being fought over more and more. I think the flowers are generally being used as microphones! I have also noticed a little work systematically putting the microphones back in various ways so I guess the educational part isn't lost entirely.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Did you know you could Mod Podge THESE?

Avery has these darling raspberry (yep, that's the color!) colored shoes. I love them, she loves them, everywhere we go people love them. Unfortunately she loved them as she dragged them along the sidewalk while coasting on her trike.

I put them out in the donate box. She kept asking for them. I wasn't really ready to part with them myself, but I sure wasn't letting her wear them out in public like this. Then I had an idea. I have used Mod Podge for a lot of stuff. Why not her shoes? They weren't expensive, they are patent leather and, they were obviously useless at this point. I didn't have much to lose by experimenting with a little Mod Podge shoe project.

I found some scrap fabric that looked like it would go perfectly with these shoes. I cut it in a semi-circle so it would go over the part where the patent leather was scraped off.

Then, I coated the scraped area generously with glossy Mod Podge.

Next, I patted my fabric onto the wet Mod Podge and used the end of my fingernail to coax it into the tiny space between the rubber of the sole and the patent leather. (Sorry this picture isn't very clear.)

I let it dry for about 20 minutes and then coated the whole thing with another coat of Mod Podge.

I used a sponge brush and did my best to keep a straight line near the edges of the fabric because I didn't know how the Mod Podge would or would not blend in with the patent leather. I let the Mod Podge go just over the edge (1/8 inch ??) so it would be sure to seal the fabric completely.

I didn't worry too much about Mod Podge getting into the rubber part of the shoe.

I went ahead and did two more coats just to be sure this was covered really well. I let each coat dry for about 30 minutes or more before the next one.

The whole time I worked on these, Avery kept asking me if she could wear them yet. She was SO excited to have them. I told her she couldn't wear them for two days so it could dry completely. She was SO disappointed. A couple hours after I finished, we had to run to the grocery store. She asked me so sweetly if she could wear them and told me she had touched them and they were dry. I felt them and they really seemed thoroughly dry. We went to the store (in the rain and puddles) and those shoes held up perfectly!

Oh, how I really do love that Mod Podge!

A note if you want to do this yourself...I really think I should have used fabric that contrasted more. This one looked good, but it really almost blended in too well! And, I think I would have covered more of the shoe--a larger semi-circle.

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