Sunday, January 10, 2010

They're coming!

Valentine's crafts, that is! Just thought you should know that I kind of (in one small area of my life) have my act together for a little while. I have several easy Valentine's crafts almost ready to show. Just think: You will have time to make them, too! This is a first for me. It won't last, but I am enjoying it while I can.

In other news, there is a good--not exciting, but good--tutorial coming your way, too. Watch for it. There are only so many hours in a day and this day is begging to be over with. I loaded the pictures, but they are all blurring together so I'll have to get on it right away Monday morning.

Are the gears shifting in your brain yet?
Wondering what I might have for you?
Do you have some ideas, too?
Please share!

I'm hosting Bunco this month and need some good prizes. I have been shopping, but am not feeling enthused by the things I am finding. It is up to me to come up with things. I know you want to help me, don't you? PLEASE!!


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