Friday, January 1, 2010

Done with the old and start with the new!

It's that time again. We look at the past year and evaluate how we've done. There are varying degrees of success and, quite frankly, I think most of us are way too hard on ourselves. So we start a little behind when we set what we need to do for the upcoming year.

I read about someone else who made a goal to finish her unfinished projects. Her goal was to do one a week and she would get 52 done in a year. I have had this goal so many years and I start well and don't finish so well typically. Of course, I have never kept track of how many actually got done and maybe I should have!

This year, I want to focus on awareness. I want to be more aware of what I need to do and then aware of how I can accomplish these things. I want to be more aware of how I am really doing and not beat myself up when things aren't perfect. I want to more aware of how I can help others along my way. I have a whole list (of course!) of ways I can be more aware, but I won't bore you with the details.

I am going to keep a list called 52 projects of the things that I am trying to complete this year. Some of them will be fun to share and you might want them, too. Some of them are so boring, but I need to accomplish them. Hopefully, along the way, I can be more aware of what needs to be done, what is done, what is done for others, and what really shouldn't be on my plate.

Happy New Year!

Let's enjoy the journey this year.


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