Thursday, January 7, 2010

And it isn't even Christmas yet

I thought my sheep and angel costumes just might sit around until I needed them next Christmas (or Halloween--hmmm...). Surprise, surprise! I think having my goal out in the open is doing wonders for getting some of this stuff done. I guess making you aware is making me more aware.

I did, sadly, get hit full force with the reminder that it would have been easier to do them right the first time than it was to go back and finish them so they are right. Now, I can rest easy, though, because the insides look the way they should, the outsides look the way they should, and all of the extra parts are finished as well.

As I made the headband to sew the sheep ears on to, I remembered the first time I made a headband for my daughters. It seemed so simple, but it took so long because I couldn't quite figure it out and make it work! There are lots of ways to do headbands, but this is easiest my favorite.

A Very Mini Tutorial

All you do is make a fabric tube, iron it flat and turn in the short edges. Sew each end of a short piece of elastic into each tube end. Done! If you made it too short, you can always splice a piece of elastic into your elastic--it should all be covered by your child's hair. If you made it too long, you can just cut out a section of elastic and sew the two ends together one on top of the other. Very easy!

And, now that I think about it, I should have sewn the tube in a brown colored fabric since that is the color of my daughters' hair, but I think I will just let it be for now. Really, you can just sew the ears to a piece of brown or black elastic that isn't covered at all--even easier than the other way. It is a dress up costume, after all.


Unknown,  said... January 8, 2010 at 2:44 PM  

Hey, how have I been missing all of this cute stuff? I'll add you to my list today, so I can keep in touch. I love the stuff you are doing. You have inspired me already. This very morning I was going through my craft stuff and pulled out a quilt that I'm determined to finish. Unfortunately I don't like it anymore, but at least it will be finished. Good to see you again. I'll leave lots of comments.

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