Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Little Blanket

Avery picked this animal fleece out at JoAnn's one day. There was no stopping her--she was trying to drag/push the whole bolt--full, mind you--to the cutting counter so she could have a blanket. I didn't see any harm in it; I just wasn't sure I wanted a big blanket. She has a thing lately for blankets and doesn't seem to be partial to a particular one. Any one will do. I wasn't sure I wanted to add to that. She wanted me to cut around each animal and she took turns clutching each one at various times. She has also instructed me to cut out some for her friends.

I decided to make her a mini blanket for a Christmas gift. Hopefully, this will satisfy her need for a blanket without all of the bulk dragging one around requires. And, this one will cover up most of her little stuffed animals or dolls as long as she just picks one at a time.

I added a flannel backing with ric rac in between the layers. I also sewed a very simple decorative stitch around the edges just to snazz it up a bit.


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