Monday, December 7, 2009

Crazy Chickens

I always feel like I am the only one running around like a chicken with its head cut off (Ewwww! But, I have seen it and it is exactly as crazy as it sounds!), and then I have a moment of triumph. I made 6, count 'em, s-i-x,  pairs of pajama pants bottoms for my children because they were getting needy.

I banged them out all in one Saturday and was feeling quite proud of myself even though pj pants are one of my personal top three easiest things to make. Just when I was ready to sit back and pat myself on the back, I came across this post from one of my favorite blogs to read. SHE made 9 pairs of pj pants for 2 girls while I only made 6 pairs for 3 girls. Maybe I am the only one running around like a crazy chicken. I was busy comparing and feeling kind of lowly when I was struck with a realization (besides the fact that I better humble myself!):

I did what I needed to do and I felt good about it. Let it be.

So I did and I am and I am trying to remember this, especially now in this busy time of the year when I take on too many things and want to take on more.


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