Thursday, December 24, 2009

Count it DONE

I think I made a thousand. Well, not quite, but it felt like it. I have seen these countdown blocks all over the blogging world and have wanted to make them for a long time. I don't know who to credit because I didn't use any one source for this idea.

Most of the ones I have seen use vinyl lettering, but I don't have easy access to that so I had to improvise. (You do realize, of course, that I don't accomplish anything early enough to order the materials.)

I made a set for a friend for her birthday a couple of months ago and I cut out individual numbers--too much work to do again. I also used three blocks with a dowel through them so you could turn the block or change it for the rest of the numbers. It was a little cumbersome, but I loved the dowel and wooden bead on the top. Again, too much work when I am producing on a larger scale.

I didn't take pictures as I went along on this one, but they are pretty easy. Here are the general directions:

In the end, I decided to use two blocks on a base. I painted everything red and I used at least two coats of paint so the red would be vivid. I used the same color of cardstock as a background for every side of each block, but put another piece of cardstock on top of it for more texture. I rounded the corners of all of the squares. I made the cardstock squares into stickers so I could stick one on the other and then easily stick them to my blocks. It was so much faster than waiting for the glue to dry each time. I stamped my numbers on the top layer of cardstock and used Mod Podge over the whole thing. Then, I stamped the numbers again with glue and glittered them. I sprayed a sealer over everything to hold the glitter a little more securely. For the base, I used glittered stickers from Hobby Lobby.

I don't think the picture does them justice because you can't see the glitter, but it is there. The numbers turned out soft and glitter-y and the whole thing is shiny and bright. Perfect little Christmas gift.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh, yes I CAN!

I have been looking all over for just the right gift this year for friends and neighbors. It has to be the right mixture of decent gift and not too much gift. I have been searching high and low and nothing struck my fancy until I saw this at the last minute, of course. I have seen similar ideas before, but I was never that excited by them. I think it was the scrapbook paper on a regular old can that made it work for me--easy and practical and it looks good. This year, thanks to all of the blog wandering I do, I combined this with this (that I actually linked to from here) and came up with my gift. Thank you fellow bloggers!

Here's how I made mine:

#10 can
2 sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper
circle cutter (not necessary but really nice)
spray adhesive
glue stick
cardstock and paper scraps for tags
embellishments (optional)
cookie cutters
cookie mix in a quart size freezer zip-lock bag
label or tag with directions for making cookies

Cut your scrapbook paper to fit around your can. Mine was 12 x 6 1/4 for one sheet and 6 x 6 1/4 for the other so I could get all of the way around the can. I went with the easiest way and just covered it in one design. I think layering it or using several coordinating sheets would look good, too.

Spray paper with spray adhesive and stick it on. I also used glue stick on the edges so they would stick really well.

Using a circle cutter, cut a circle with a five inch diameter--or a tiny bit less than that--out of one of your leftover pieces of scrapbooking paper. It will just barely fit, so cut carefully. You could also trace around something to get your circle. Use spray adhesive
to attach it to the lid.

I printed "Cookies for Santa KIT" on vellum paper in black and red and then cut around it with my circle cutter. Be sure to cut it out from the wrong side so you don't smear the ink with your circle cutter.

Here are the labels if you want to print the same ones. There are two labels per page and it should be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Use spray adhesive to glue this to the top of the lid right over the scrapbook paper.

Add a bow and your embellishments and you are done with the can part.

Assembling the kit:

I used a mix that I made from a recipe I found here rather than a store bought mix. This site also had a tag so I printed it, cut it out, turned it into a sticker using my Xyron machine and stuck it directly to the outside of the bag with the mix.

I tied 2 or 3 cookie cutters together with a ribbon. I got mine at Michael's as a set and just divided up the set.

I looked all over for small jars of festive sprinkles--a little late to be looking. Luckily, I found frosting with the sprinkles included. Worked for me!

I chose a candy bar cookie that called for chunks of your favorite candy bar. I used miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and put them in a cute bag. And, in case you are wondering, they are still wrapped. My bags were kind of tall, so I closed the top with a fan shape. You can make this by accordian-folding (back and forth) the top in small folds as far down the bag as you would like to go.

Next, fold the whole set of folds in half right in the center and pull together at the top.

Staple the two ends together in the center at the top and you have your fan shape.

Finally, I inserted a note about how the theme of the kits is really for a cut out cookie, but that I had included a mix for a drop cookie. I went for yummy instead of thinking it through. So, I pointed out how I had heard Santa likes a variety and then included a recipe for my current favorite cut out sugar cookie. It is like two kits in one--kind of.

Now, you have to stuff it all in the can and it was a tight fit. I put the frosting in first because it wasn't going to bend at all. The cookie cutters fit next to it and the mix squished in around it. The little bag of candies fit right over the top without too much damage. Next time, I will probably think through what I need to pack before I get to the packing part.

 Put on the lid and you are good to go. You could attach a tag or note. I wrote out separate Christmas cards so I didn't think a tag was necessary.

My kits are pretty simple (notice the date I am getting these done??), but you could get pretty fun and fancy with these. File it away for next year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Making Cookie Memories

One of my favorite memories of Christmas was icing cut out sugar cookies. My mom generally made the cookies--lots of Christmas shapes. She made the kind of icing that was just powdered sugar, milk, and a little vanilla. It was really smooth and the colors were vivid. When set, it was so smooth and shiny. I loved those cookies.

Now, the holidays--any holiday--aren't complete unless we make cut out sugar cookies. I generally make mine with buttercream frosting which is thicker than the icing my mom used. I like the taste better, but the cookies just aren't as pretty. My children like to use plenty of sprinkles to add the pizazz. I think the sprinkles taste like dirt so I try to limit just how fancy their cookies get.

Today, we frosted sugar cookie gingerbread boys and girls. I divided the cookies among the girls and a friend who was playing here today as well. The girls all made cookies for the friend to take home and then started in on their "special" cookies. These are the ones that are loaded with sprinkles and you couldn't pay me to eat. They had a ball, though, and in the end, I don't really care how they taste. It's all about the memory.

The Lights Before Christmas

Each year that we have lived in Michigan, we try to go to The Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio. We haven't made it every year, but we were determined to make it this year. We got a later start than we wanted to and got about 20 minutes out when we realized Avery didn't have her coat. The evening is always F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G so there is no way we could go without her coat. We turned around, drove home for the coat, and then headed out again. By the time we got to the zoo, it was the same time we thought we would be home from the zoo when we had laid the original plans. Yikes. We had a good time, though. The lights were so beautiful. I could never take a picture that captures the feeling there. Avery was so sad that we didn't see the tigers, but they were cold, too! The ride home was a little long because it was late and girls were tired. We had to ask if it was worth it, and, yes, it was because this is part of our Christmas each year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm running and running

and I can't catch up!

So, I am going to show you what I have gotten done this weekend. This is really for me and not you, but I need to do it to remind myself that I am not just running circles around myself. I have gotten quite a few things done; I have, I have!

I sewed an angel costume and a sheep costume for the nativity play. Why, oh why, did I wait until the last minute, literally? You can't look inside these lovely items, but the outside worked.

I like to make my daughters' holiday dresses, but I haven't always done it. This year, one daughter wore her sister's dress from last year--which was store bought. Work for me=none. Another daughter found a new dress that she loved which was also store bought and I got a fantastic price on it. All I had to do was remove the jewels around the waistband--I thought it was a little much with them on. Work for me=very little. Then comes my little Lady-loo. She isn't picky and she has a lot to choose from, but I really wanted her to have a dress that I made for her. The others have had so many made for them that I just wanted her to have one, too. So I made one. Work for me=more than I bargained for. {Note to self: You know you hate using bias tape--don't use it.} Here are the girls just before church in their COORDINATED (how did I do that?) dresses:

For the children's class I teach at church, I procrastinated wrapping a little gift for them so I hastily bagged and bow-ed them before church. Then, I thought it would be fun to have cookies and to decorate a cookie to take home (we have church right at lunch time--ouch). So, I made cut out cookies and frosting as fast as I could. It was a big success and I was so glad I did it.
Now I am still trying to get my gifts finished and my boxes mailed which is what I really meant to have absolutely finished this weekend instead of working on this other stuff. It is hard to prioritize when there is so much. I know I am late. It bothers me, but I am glad that I am sending out gifts I made. It would be so much easier to buy gift cards for everyone, but it wouldn't mean the same thing for me. Maybe next year it will, but not today.

I am working and I am accomplishing. Only 43 projects left to go...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Attention! You are at level ORANGE!

You know you are overwhelmed and headed towards stressed out when this happens:

After running errands from the time I dropped A and O off at school, I dashed through the drive-through for lunch (already a bad sign) and the guy asks, "Do you need anything else?"

At the same time I respond, "No, thank you," Lady-loo calls out to him, "My mommy needs a soda, too!"

Is it that obvious?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"The children were nestled all snug in their beds . . ."

--which is exactly what I have been dreaming about! I am not getting any sleep, but I am getting SO much done.

These cupcakes are for A's class party today. I was trying to avoid anything too Christmas-y since there are quite a few people in her class who don't celebrate Christmas. I thought this struck a good balance--definitely Christmas, but only if you know the Christmas poem that goes with it. We'll call it one of our Christmas secrets.

The idea and instructions for decorating these cupcakes came from one of my favorite books, Hello, Cupcake!. Of course, theirs look much more polished, but I think one of the third grade classes is liking my version just fine right about now!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yep, It's Another Skirt

The gauntlet was thrown and I was up for the challenge! A friend told me about the cutest skirt ever that her sister received as a baby gift. I didn't quite get it when she explained it to me. When I saw it, though, I knew I needed my own version. It took me a few minutes to figure it all out since I had to make it up and I am generally a pattern type of girl. Once I got it, I realized...It is SO easy to make. It is a wrap skirt and I made mine completely reversible. How nice is that? When your little one spills her snack down the front, you can just flip it around! Here it is--I LOVE it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How about THIS skirt?

I always stress a little when there is talk of Christmas traditions. We have them, but they are pretty simple. There is so much going on all of the time, that I am grateful for what gets done and remembered and I am not really looking for any new traditions. I see lots of great ideas and think I might add it to our Christmas activities, but, often, it doesn't stick.

The one thing I do keep up with is our tree skirt. By some small miracle, I found this idea before my twins' first Christmas. (You know how you see a great idea but feel like you are too late to start it. This didn't happen this time--yay!) It came from Family Fun magazine. Theirs is a little more colorful than mine, but mine is just what I wanted!

So, instead of cutting out felt hands, we paint them on using handprints. I let the girls choose which of their hands they want to paint. They LOVE this part. For some reason, choosing which hand is a big deal to them.

Really, I do all of the deciding when it comes to where to place the handprint. Control, I must have control.

I think I chose handprints instead of felt hands because I did not have hand or foot prints of my tiny twins when they were born or even later--until Christmas when we made our tree skirt. They were 8 months old. At the time, it just seemed mean to put their fingers or toes in ink or paint and maneuver them to stamp on a paper or in those silly baby books. Could I have a do-over on that one? When Avery came along, the hospital did it for me on cute pink cardstock so I didn't even have to worry about it. You can bet I would have done hers no matter what because I was a fool not to get A and O's! They were SO tiny. Must have been the drugs. At any rate...

After the paint dries, anyone who can write her name herself gets to write it with a Sharpie pen under her handprint. I add Avery's name and the date. We alternate red and green paint each year with the opposite color of Sharpie for the writing. Amazingly, I don't worry too much about the shades of red or green from one year to the next.

We have worked our way around the tree skirt although I don't know that I would do it that way if I started it again. We got to the "end" this year and I think I am going to find a random spot next year. I like the way the hands "grow" as you move around the skirt, but I think it would be fun for each year to be randomly placed so the differences pop out a little more. I was amazed when I compared the size of an 8 year old's handprint to her little 8 month old handprint.

You might also notice the quality of the first ones. Water from the tree leaked on the skirt and I foolishly put it in the washer. You know how that paint doesn't come out of any of your clothes when you accidently get it there while painting a craft? Guess what? It comes right out of stuff when you want it to stay. I don't know why I messed with something I didn't want to lose, but, sadly, I wasn't thinking straight. (Can't blame it on the drugs this time!) Because I could see a pretty good shape still, albeit very faintly, I traced around it with a Sharpie so all would not be lost. I should probably do this on every handprint but I thought I should leave well enough alone. And, spot clean only.

So here it is, my favorite Christmas tradition (and maybe the only real one).
Some day I might go back and add some trim and color to the edges. Maybe I won't, though.

And the hats...

They love the simple little hats, but they won't take a simple little picture. Here's as good as it gets today and the final piece in the mitten/glove/hat embellishing.

It is pretty simple and amateur-ish, but I think it adds a lot, too. After doing it for others, I just had to get to their hats this year. I am glad they like them and will, at least, wear them!

Never Laugh at Someone Else's Misfortune!

I am an avid reader of the blog V and Co. I laughed and laughed at this post about her Christmas tree this year. I have felt the same way in bits and pieces but never all of it at once. Just when I thought I was safe, it happened. This picture doesn't do it justice, but...

We have the tree that the beast bit into. We have the tree that looks like a dwarf--short and squat with a tall hat (the naked little branch at the top--it needs a REALLY tall angel to hide it and make our tree look a little taller). We have the tree that fell over, er, out of our taped together tree stand and was subsequently propped up by a board until we bought another tree stand. We have the crazy children who decorated it in a way that I find wholly unacceptable, but they love it immensely. And, you know what, it is okay. After the initial shock--I wasn't there when the tree was chosen; I was home with a sick child--I decided it was actually just funny. Never thought it could happen to me. I guess I should be careful when I laugh at someone else's crazy disasters. What goes around comes around in every way possible!

We finally declared the tree "done" last night and put all of the empty storage boxes away. As I stood back to inspect our handiwork, I decided I just might like it better than any other year.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh, This Little Skirt

I just can't leave it alone! I made another one, but with a wide band of satin at the bottom and then the (sh!) tulle. Sadly, I am still not satisfied with it. There will be another one. I don't know when or why, but it is coming.

Just a Little Embellishment!

My daughters' school is collecting hats, gloves and mittens, and scarves for people in need of these items. I picked up some dollar items at Target and was feeling pleased that we could do our part in donating without spending a bundle. But, these plain ol' mittens and hats seemed so sad and boring.

I thought I could add a little to these things and make them so much better but I didn't have a lot of confidence in my ability to do so. I figured it was worth a try so I did and
I love them. 

Not too fancy and not exactly professional, but cute nonetheless!

A Little Blanket

Avery picked this animal fleece out at JoAnn's one day. There was no stopping her--she was trying to drag/push the whole bolt--full, mind you--to the cutting counter so she could have a blanket. I didn't see any harm in it; I just wasn't sure I wanted a big blanket. She has a thing lately for blankets and doesn't seem to be partial to a particular one. Any one will do. I wasn't sure I wanted to add to that. She wanted me to cut around each animal and she took turns clutching each one at various times. She has also instructed me to cut out some for her friends.

I decided to make her a mini blanket for a Christmas gift. Hopefully, this will satisfy her need for a blanket without all of the bulk dragging one around requires. And, this one will cover up most of her little stuffed animals or dolls as long as she just picks one at a time.

I added a flannel backing with ric rac in between the layers. I also sewed a very simple decorative stitch around the edges just to snazz it up a bit.

Stepping it Up

After those pj pants, I had to step it up a little bit. Olivia still needed a shirt or two to go with her pj pants. I bought her inexpensive t-shirts which matched just fine, but needed a little extra oomph. With her "strawberry pants", it was easy to make a quick applique out of the flannel and a scrap to make a big strawberry. I am not so sure about the "penguin pants", though. She thought a penguin shape made from the flannel would be perfect, but it seems strange to me. Maybe I should just try it. I'll get back to you on that one.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mama's Holiday Wishlist and Meme

TodaysMama and Provo Craft are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

What 5 items are on your holiday wish list this year?

  • Dyson vacuum cleaner (uh, yeah, maybe next year?)
  • a "real" bed, not just the metal frame
  • a lipgloss that none of my daughters poke their fingers into
  • Cricut Expression
  • a book, any book that I can read all by myself
What is your favorite handmade gift you have received?
  • Cards from my children
What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle?
  • A quilt
What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child?
  • a waterbed
What items are on your kids' wish list this year?
  • Books
  • American Girl Doll Accessories
  • Fuzzy Pencil Toppers
What is your favorite holiday food?
  • Duh, cookies!
What will you be hand-crafting for the holidays?
  • teacher gifts
What is your favorite holiday movie?
  • Fred Claus
Favorite holiday song(s)?
  • Raffi's Every Little Wish and Old Toy Trains
Favorite holiday pastime?
  • Playing games received for Christmas and taking a Christmas afternoon nap.

Crazy Chickens

I always feel like I am the only one running around like a chicken with its head cut off (Ewwww! But, I have seen it and it is exactly as crazy as it sounds!), and then I have a moment of triumph. I made 6, count 'em, s-i-x,  pairs of pajama pants bottoms for my children because they were getting needy.

I banged them out all in one Saturday and was feeling quite proud of myself even though pj pants are one of my personal top three easiest things to make. Just when I was ready to sit back and pat myself on the back, I came across this post from one of my favorite blogs to read. SHE made 9 pairs of pj pants for 2 girls while I only made 6 pairs for 3 girls. Maybe I am the only one running around like a crazy chicken. I was busy comparing and feeling kind of lowly when I was struck with a realization (besides the fact that I better humble myself!):

I did what I needed to do and I felt good about it. Let it be.

So I did and I am and I am trying to remember this, especially now in this busy time of the year when I take on too many things and want to take on more.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tulle Fever

Despite everything I have read, I decided to try a pettiskirt with tulle. Problems on so many levels. Pettiskirts are not quick. They are not fun to make. They are not creative. Why, oh why, did I try this? Well, it was a challenge and I was ready for it. What is wrong with me? The pettiskirt mostly worked, but truly, it was a nightmare and a half. I was ready to give up shortly after I started. This poor skirt can stand on its own--so much fluff--and it was taking over my little workspace. I just had to see it through. It is hard to picture this in relative size, but all of this fluff is for a baby. Just wait for the picture of her in it and it will make more sense.

There were other issues, but the worst one was that I should have been using chiffon and I knew it. I just got so excited to get going right now and I didn't want to wait to order the chiffon. Tulle was readily available and so easy. At first. Let's just chalk it up to experience. The next one will be so much better and will not involve nearly so much tulle. Maybe just a little tulle.

Did I just say "the next one"?

Unfortunately, I did not stop there. No, I was still smitten with that tulle on some level. So I went for a beautiful and easy project. No challenges this time (ahem). I cannot explain why I had to sew and pick out and sew again, not once, but three times for that adjustable waistband. I cannot explain why that tulle would not stick out of the bottom of that skirt in a fun and flirty fashion. It was just a bunched up mass of scratchy stuff for a while. Several hours later, I conquered it. But, it should have been so easy.

Luckily, I am not sick any more. The fever is gone.
Tulle, please don't visit me; you are not my friend!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

She's Making a List. . . Again!

I am a list maker. I can't figure out why, though, because I can't seem to accomplish what is on my list. Instead, I often opt for other stuff that needs to get finished, but isn't on the list. It is as if once I put things on my list, they are out of my brain and, whew, on to something else. Not very productive. Besides, my daily lists kind of seem like there is enough stuff for one week so I am thinking I need to get my act together on the list making! Seriously!

One thing that was definitely NOT on my list today, but seems to happen anyway is a little blog wandering. Oh, how I love to find new and creative people. I happened upon this blog today and it was an instant favorite. I love her candor and honesty. She talks about being transparent and I have been thinking about that since I read it this morning. Good food for the brain. Forget the lists!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So many wonderful friends!

Mmmm...the turkey is roasting, dinner is on its way, and I have done almost nothing! I am so thankful for good friends this year!

Speaking of friends, here are some friends I made this year. The pilgrims were gifts for my daughters' teachers and I barely got them done in time. Once they were done, I liked them even more and wished I had made more of them. Somehow, by the end, I forgot how much work the project took--sound familiar?

I also made a turkey friend (with a whole lot of cutting-out-the-wood-help from my best friend, my husband) as a gift for my wonderful friend who is making the great dinner today. We hope to fend off the children with lollipop "feathers" so they will have plenty of room to fill up on good food!

I am thankful for many things and friends are at the top of my list, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Moving forward--with or without me!

I am quickly learning that life just keeps moving whether I am ready or not.

I have spent a long time trying to get my blog running and set just the way I want it (before I change it again!) and trying to get the etsy shop stocked. Neither project is done or ready, but time isn't standing still either. For now, I am going to press forward and let things fall into place as they can.

Thanksgiving is almost here and I have had plenty of time to reflect upon the things for which I am most grateful. Of all of the things that I love to do, my family is my most important work-in-progress. As such, I have reminded myself repeatedly that I need to spend time with those that matter most instead of getting one more project completed just the way I want it to be. Difficult at times, but important.

Please don't give up on my blog, my projects (or lack of) or the etsy shop--it can only get better!

Well, then, who even wears flowers?

Okay, I am not really flower-wearing, nor are my girls, and certainly not my husband, but I love the name nonethless.

My mom always had lots of different projects going on. She tended to finish hers while I am a great starter and not such a great finisher. My Dad always had a lot of projects as well--he has built several homes and, thus, can build or fix just about anything. I always say to myself, "I can do that (or my mom or my dad can!)!" when I see great ideas. I wonder where I got that from?

I have a lot of creative interests and have varying degrees of success with each. I am definitely not an expert in any of them and don't even claim an amateur skill in most of them. But, 'I can do it," or I will go down trying most of the time! Of all the crafts I do, I think I have crafted the art of sewing the best. It is definitely the one with which I have had the most success. I have sewn lots and lots of dresses and other outfits for my three girls. I have avoided sewing for others because I have been so worried that they wouldn't like what I just spent several hours making. I have finally stepped out of my comfort zone and started sewing for others and it has been good.

I am a rule-follower when it comes to sewing. I like patterns, I understand patterns, and I want to follow a pattern. Because I have sewn with a pattern for so long, I understand how clothes are put together. This is good when it comes to mixing things up and getting creative. On the flip side, I am not really good at scrapping the patterns and going out on my own--too scary, still. But, I am learning to be more creative and to enjoy it.

It is also very important to me to sew things that look professional and not "homemade." This means it takes longer to make it right, but it is so worth it. Sometimes, this gets carried too far, in sewing and other crafts, and I am not happy with something until it looks exactly the way I have pictured it in my mind. That kind of attitude can be self-defeating sometimes, so I am learning to overcome it. One way I am doing this is to change what I am making to something else. I have been so inspired by others' blogs, especially the re-purposing and upstyling that I am seeing so much of. This is really teaching me to be more creative and more accepting of projects.

That being said, I also enjoy painting, furniture refinishing and painting, crafty kinds of crafts, baking, fabric and felt, scrapbooking paper and tools (can't seem to actually create), and collecting creative ideas.

This blog is my way to share with you my learning process as I work on projects I love. I am learning so much from other creative blogs and it has inspired me to create and share. I hope to inspire someone else in the same way.

I am a wife and a stay-at-home mom to three daughters (twins and a toddler) and have all of the resposibilities that go with those jobs. That means this blog will be about some of that, too, because that is the biggest part of my life even before the craft and sewing projects. I spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and probably just as much time trying to figure out how to not do those things or at least make them more simple!

I hope you enjoy learning about my projects, pieces of our lives and how we enjoy doing the things we do.

Monday, November 2, 2009

About Me

First, you should know: I don’t like having my picture taken.
Never have, never will.
On the other hand, I just can’t seem to get enough pictures of my children!


My family is my greatest passion and my top priority. I am wife to one great guy and mom to three wonderful girls. They keep me sane and make me insane all at once. And this is the way I like it.

I sew and craft as often as I can. I tend to get a lot done or nothing--not sure what happened to balance in my life, but I enjoy each and every day with or without a project. This blog is a record of some of what I do. I hope it will inspire you to create just as I have been inspired by other blogs.

We live in Michigan. We’ve lived a lot of places, but this isn’t one of the ones I pictured. It turns out I love it here! Had I known we would be staying indefinitely, I would have bought a farmhouse to fix up instead of a regular 'ol house in the suburbs. But, I work with what we've got and there's always a project here.
Still dreaming of a large farmhouse in the country, though!

Do you have a question? Do you want to feature me or link to something I have done?
By all means, please contact me!
I am a bit obsessive about checking email unless I am busy and then I'm not.
Please be patient, but don't freak out if I email right back either!

I am really enjoying this adventure in blogging. One of the things that makes me completely excited is seeing my projects featured on someone else’s blog. That makes me certain that someone out there in Blog Land is enjoying my work! These are some of the places my projects have been featured:

I was featured buttononeprettythinghomemade craftsThese Magical YearsU Create  Keeping It Simple Birthday Wedding cakes crafts partiesPhotobucketPhotobucketToday's Top TwentyTotally Tutorials BlogVisit thecsiproject.comPhotobucketI was featured greenFeatured at Make and TakesToday's Top 20childmadePhotobucketabc buttonThey are talking about me at CraftGossip.comPhotobucketUndertheTableandDreamingSuzy's Artsy Craftsy SitcomJoin  us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap   up           party!Reviews and Giveaways mmm buttonPhotobucketSpunky Junky featured button 

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