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Inspired by Picasso: Frankenstein

Picasso Style Frankenstein2525

Have you seen this adorable project all over Pinterest in the last several weeks? Me, too! It’s found on Squarehead Teachers and the descriptions says that the author saw this and took a picture of it. I love it!Halloween Art Project: Picasso's Frankenstein Have a Picasso print and a pic of Frankenstein... See what they come up with from there...

I volunteer in my daughter’s classroom with the art program. I go into her class and talk about an artist and do a project with the class with that artist as the inspiration. When I saw this, I knew I had found my project! Unfortunately, there are no instructions. You can look at it and figure it out, but I thought I would give everyone a tutorial to make it easy to collect the materials and follow instructions.


construction paper (9 inches x 12 inches) - lime green, green, black, white, purple
black, fine point Sharpie marker
glue stick

Cut construction paper as follows: Picasso Style Frankenstein99

Lime green:
cut in half (6 x 9 inches) and cut in half again and once again (3 x 4.5 inches)

Cut in half (6 x 9)

cut in half (4.5 x 12 inches)
hair: cut a long strip - about 1 inch wide
eyebrows & bolts: cut a skinny strip (1/2 inch x 12 inches) – cut in half again
eyes & mouth: remainder section

teeth & eyes: cut into quarters (4.5 x 6 inches) - one needed

(Do not cut purple paper.)

1. Draw pencil lines to divide a half sheet of lime green paper. The vertical line is about 1 1/2 inches in and the horizontal lines divide the paper into three roughly equal sections. I adapted the excellent directions about drawing a cubist portrait from Art Projects for Kids to figure out how to do the profile. (I also did this with First Graders last year and they did a great job!)
Picasso Style Frankenstein11

2. Draw the forehead in the top section, the nose in the middle section and the lips, chin and jaw line in the bottom section. (Note: You don’t need to draw in the lips if you are making a large, open, mouth. I showed both ways in the instructions for making the mouth. You will want the chin and jaw line, though.) Cut along the profile.
3. Stack the lime green profile on top of a half sheet of green construction paper. Line up 3 straight edges. Cut off the bottom corner (opposite of the chin) through both papers at the same time to make outer lines of the face. (Mine is pretty round, but you may want to cut it more sharply to make it more block-ish.)
Picasso Style Frankenstein44   Picasso Style Frankenstein55   Picasso Style Frankenstein66 
4. Center the small piece (3 x 4.5 inches) of lime green on bottom center of vertically-positioned purple paper. Use glue stick to glue in place.
Picasso Style Frankenstein77
5. Run glue stick along the profile line (side with the pencil marks) of the lime green paper, flip over and overlap on the green paper along the vertical edge that does not have the corner cut off, lining up the top and bottom edges and making sure it fits from left to right on the purple background paper. Then, glue all over the back of both faces and glue to the purple background page.
Picasso Style Frankenstein88
6. Use the appropriate paper sections to make the hair, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, teeth, neck and bolts.

eyebrows and bolts:
Cut both skinny black strips of paper in half again. To make eyebrows, cut small triangles out of the bottom edge of 2 strips.
Picasso Style Frankenstein1010

To make bolts, cut the last 2 strips into half again. Glue one strip to another strip so that it is perpendicular. Then trim the edges until the bolts are the size you would like. Glue on the eyebrows and the bolts.
Picasso Style Frankenstein1313   Picasso Style Frankenstein1414   Picasso Style Frankenstein1515

Cut the 1 inch strip of paper along the bottom the same way you did the eyebrows. Glue to the top of the face lining up one edge with the edge of the paper and let the other edge hang off. Flip over to trim the edge that is hanging.
Picasso Style Frankenstein1111   Picasso Style Frankenstein1212

The trick to making the eyes is to break it down to simple steps and think about how a real eye looks. (Alternatively, you can just do a large, white circle with a small, black circle inside it.) Because this is Picasso-style, you will make one front view eye and one profile eye.

Use the white paper to draw a front view eye. Don’t worry if it takes several tries because you will flip it over to glue it on so your lines won’t show anyhow.
To make the profile view eye, you will need to make it appear as if it looking the wrong way since it will also be flipped over. To make this eye, start with the triangle shape – or alligator mouth, or “greater than” symbol – then, make the circular shape noting that it is nearly flat on the inside and it is concave – or c-shaped – on the outside. Be sure to make the eyes big enough. (You may notice note that mine were not and Frankenstein looked sad. So I did it again which is what shows in the final picture.)

Cut out the shapes you just drew except cut out the profile view eye like a triangle with one edge curved in the shape you drew for the inside of the eyeball. You do not need to cut around the eyeball part.
Picasso Style Frankenstein1616

Flip the eyes over and place on a scrap of black paper. Trace around the center top and bottom edges (or the whole thing – it doesn't matter) of the front view eye. (Show in red.) Use those lines as a guide to draw the right-sized eyeball on black.
Place the profile eye on the black paper so you have enough space to use it as a guide to draw the eyeball the right size. (Red arrows pointing to the lines – don’t forget to trace the side which is along the triangular piece.) Cut out the black sections of the eyes.
Picasso Style Frankenstein1717

Glue the black eyeball on the white front view eye and glue the whole thing to the green paper. Glue the white profile view eye to the lime green paper. Glue the black eyeball in place along the edge of the white paper.

Use a Sharpie to trace the edges of the profile view (triangular section only) and the front view eyes.
Picasso Style Frankenstein2626

The mouth can be made a couple of ways. If you cut out the lips, you can make the mouth by using the Sharpie to show profile lips and front view lips something like this:
Picasso Style Frankenstein1818

To make the mouth more Frankenstein-like, you can use the black paper to make a rectangle the approximate size of the mouth. Then round off the corners to make a mouth shape. I tried to make mine have both a profile shape and a front facing shaping. (Not sure if that really worked – ha!) Glue the mouth onto the face.
Picasso Style Frankenstein1919   Picasso Style Frankenstein2020

Cut a a long rectangle from the edge of the white paper. Then snip it into smaller rectangles for the teeth. Glue teeth in place in the mouth.
Picasso Style Frankenstein2121   Picasso Style Frankenstein2222

Use a Sharpie to add features such as stitch marks (pictured in original source project above) if desired.

There you go – Frankenstein in Picasso's cubist style!
Picasso Style Frankenstein2424


Kathy E.,  said... October 20, 2014 at 8:01 PM  

Welcome back! I hope everything in your life has been've been missed! I do love this art project. I taught 4th grade for many years and teaching the occasional art project was one of my favorite things. Nowadays, teachers just don't have time (or aren't allowed) to do such things. I'll keep this on the back burner for my grandchildren!

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