Monday, February 13, 2012

Keeping it Simple!

This Valentine card
Smartie Pants 8

is the simple and quick(er) version of…
smarty pants
THIS Valentine card at TipJunkie.

To me, the original version has more pizzazz visually, but I had to work with the demands of my four-year-old! While I loved this card at first sight, after reading the tutorial, I wasn't so in love with actually doing the work. There is a beautiful printable if you want to use the Tip Junkie card, but it is not customizable and requires quite a bit of work. My version requires access to a Silhouette cutting machine which I know disappoints a bunch of you, but I can only do so much! So…this is for all of you serious procrastinators – or maybe for next year!

Smartie Pants 9
double-sided tape
“Smarties” candies
silhouette file (Includes graphic, pants, pants with tabs) HERE
(I think this link to a file will work – if you have Silhouette software installed on your computer. There is no preview available, so download it and then open from your Silhouette. Let me know if it works for you!)

1 - Print and cut your pants and pants with tabs on cardstock.

Print and cut the graphics part of the card changing fonts and colors as desired. I cut mine out of cardstock, but paper would be fine, too, since it will be backed in cardstock.

Cut cardstock for the background.
 Smartie Pants 1

2Glue the pants to the graphics page so it looks like the hearts are holding the pants up like clothespins.Smartie Pants 2

3 – Glue the graphics page to the cardstock background.
Smartie Pants 3

4 – Fold/unfold the tabs on the pants section with tabs to make them flexible.Use a small piece of double-sided tape on each tab being careful to only put tape on lower section of tab. Stick the pants with tabs to the pants on the card at the feet.
Smartie Pants 4

5 – Fold the tabbed pants over and continue sticking each tab under and onto the pants on the card. I found that it helped to stick something inside of the pants box to help push the tape down. I used a bone folder, but you can use anything that won’t stick to your tape.
Smartie Pants 5

6 – Your pants box should look like this:
Smartie Pants 6

7 – Put 2 “Smarties” in each pants box, sign the cards and you are good to go!
Smartie Pants 7

Happy Valentine’s Day all of you “Smarties” out there!

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