Friday, March 4, 2011

Project 365 #3

It’s such a good feeling to see these little pictures and be reminded that I really am getting something done. I’ve had a few super crazy days {weeks} and I love the way I have these reminders and get that little boost of motivation again. I really appreciate the emails I have received telling me about your projects. Some people have a goal of one a week and quite a few have a goal similar to mine. I love the support and motivation we can offer each other.

Since I am focused on completing one each day, I am finding more time for other things again. Previously, I tried to do 6 projects in a day and everything else was shoved to the side. I ended up getting nothing completed—projects or regular chores-- and was really frustrated because I started out behind every day. Project 365 has really helped me focus and organize!

So, here is a recap. These have all been mentioned on my blog at some point this year already so thanks for indulging me!

The posted project count is up to 26!

Let’s hear a “woo-hoo”!

Project 9Project 10Project 13Project 11Project 12Project 24Project 25


Dawn,  said... March 4, 2011 at 7:52 AM  

woo-hoo!! so many projects! love the felt cake and cell phone holder-both are on my list-my poor, scratched phone needs a holder :) you're way ahead of me in the project count!

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