Saturday, November 20, 2010

NO-Sew Thankful Book

When I said "later this week," I really meant it, didn't I?
No Sew 13
I guess there is just a lot going on!
Well, that and things like throwing up at Target (!!!), but I will spare you the details. You're welcome!

I had to stretch a little to make sure this was completely no-sew. I changed it up a little just to be sure. I've got to say, I really rely on my sewing machine. I kept wanting to use it, but I held out!
No Sew 15 copy

brown felt fro 10 turkeys (see pattern)
scraps of felt for feathers, eye, beak, wattle
fabric glue
pattern HERE
3 small, hinged metal rings (like THIS)
ric rac
iron-on fabric for printers
handheld hole punch

Cut 10 turkeys, 5 feathers, eye, beak and wattle from felt.
No Sew 1
 Using the pattern as a guide, mark where to punch holes.
No Sew 2

Punch holes in one turkey, then use it to mark the rest and punch the holes. It was a lot of work using a handheld hole punch, but it worked.
No Sew 4No Sew 3

Design  pictures/text  for the pages. I chose to make this book more general instead of personalized. You can google the images and just sift through them until you find one that is not copyrighted. I also made these a little smaller to fit 3 on a page and to have space for the ric rac.

Print out pictures. Using the pattern, center them in the circle and then draw it around each page.
Cut out each page.No Sew 6

Use fabric glue to attach eye, beak, and wattle.
No Sew 5
Glue the pages together (5 sets of 2) with the feather in the correct place for each page. You will need to surround the holes with glue so that they are secure as the book gets used and abused. It will help to prevent the hole from pulling or tearing any larger.
No Sew copyNo Sew 9

Glue each page to felt using the fabric glue. (The iron-on bond isn’t very good since you can’t get your felt very hot. But the iron-on style is still  better quality than the sew-on.)
No Sew 7

Put glue around the outer edge of the iron-on page for the ric rac. This brand of glue was new for me and I discovered that the bond was good, but it didn’t dry as clearly as I would have liked. Try to get close to the edge without making it too thick. (Mine was a bit thick or wide.)
No Sew 8

Attach ric rac around the page to cover the edges. I used jumbo ric rac and found it a little difficult to work with for the curves on the circle since the glue doesn’t dry instantly when I stretch it in place. (My text was also a bit too close to the edges.) I suggest using a smaller size of ric rac if you are gluing it down. I actually liked the look of the ric rac so much that I wish I had used it on my fabric book!

Insert metal rings through each hole like this. I actually don’t have mine because that was one of the things I forgot on my Target shopping trip. Remember the throw up? Sorry to remind you!
No Sew 10

Add a ribbon through the holes on the first set of pages (cover and page 1) just to look pretty. Use a lighter or match to heat seal the ends of the ribbon. I like to glue the knot so the bow can’t come undone as well. You can also use the ribbon without the rings, but it really isn’t nearly as durable that way.
No Sew 11

Now enjoy that book with your little one!
No Sew 12
It sure makes me feel grateful for the many people and things I enjoy in my life!


Nancy,  said... November 20, 2010 at 6:08 PM  

This would be a great project for the kids to do withmy help of course.

Rosanna,  said... November 21, 2010 at 4:08 PM  

LOVE IT!! Jumping on it RIGHT NOW but adding my own twist for an activity for my Preschooler :D

Anonymous,  said... November 23, 2010 at 11:19 AM  

Awesome idea! This turned out so cute! Love the no sew addition! Just featured!

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