Friday, April 2, 2010

Please Don't Eat Me, Easter Bunny!

See, I am not a bad Mom. We got to see the Easter Bunny this year after all. 

These days, I hate the mall. I hate the commercialization of holidays. I hate going almost anywhere with all three of my children at the same time. And, yet, I didn't forget the Easter Bunny. Well, I almost did, but lucky for me, he (she?) was standing on the corner at the gas station today. I know you wish you were in my car when I flipped a speedy u-turn. In an instant, I recognized the opportunity to make up for my lack of enthusiasm for all things festive and I wasn't going to pass that up!

Avery happily sat on the bunny's lap for a picture, but she didn't want any part of a good picture. Oh, well. She wouldn't even get close to Santa Claus so this is a huge thing. It took them an extremely long time to get the picture out to us so they gave us both pictures. What a treat--look at the picture and you can see just how generous they really were.

In a few years, she won't even remember where she had that picture taken (except their logo on the corner of the picture--jeepers!). She will only remember how fun her experience with the EB turned out to be. That and running around knocking over potted flowers while I repeatedly told her to stop and to get away from the street which was about 6 feet away. Fun with a capital F for her!
Happy Easter!


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