Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is "Guck" a Bad Word?

I've been sewing a lot lately.
I had just finished an Etsy order and was ironing it before I folded it neatly to mail it to the customer. As I ironed, some "guck" from my iron (which, I am ashamed to admit, has been on there for some time--and, BTW, never caused a problem) melted onto the most perfect little gathers along a ruffle on a dress.

I am pretty sure I said something ugly. It's all a blur. 
I made a whole new dress for the customer.
Are you feeling sad for me or do you think I am a complete fool?

Well, either way, I got smart before I made that second dress. I googled "how to clean an iron" and then got right to work." You can see what I tried:

In the end, the Magic Eraser and a whole lot of elbow grease worked out just fine. I had to scrub and scrub and scrub, though.

Note to self in the future: Do not use the same iron for Heat N Bond applique as you do for regular ironing.
 And, *ahem* when you do, clean it at the first sign of guck!

Now is probably a good time to add another reminder...change your sewing needle regularly! Sometimes I forget and when I do, I sure can tell the difference once I remember to change it. If you can tell a difference, you waited too long!

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