Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gotta Have 'Em

Burp cloths to match the rag quilt, that is!

Of course, these are easy, too, because I have come to the realization that "easy" is my main requirement for a project.

You can make burp cloths any shape or size you want because the directions are basically the same. I made these rectangular because the same wonderful friend who gifted me a beautiful rag quilt also gave me burp cloths made out of the same prints and they are rectangular and I love them so! My daughter now uses them as doll blankets and "lovey" blankets. I still use them for the gross stuff--wiping her nose and face.

You will need some terry cloth  and several cotton prints for this project. I bought my terry cloth at JoAnn's, but you could probably recycle towels for this, too. Cut into 10x14 inch rectangles.

Using your pre-washed prints from the rag quilt, (or some scraps if you are making burp cloths only), cut out rectangles, squares, strips in a variety so you can piece them together to make a 10x14 rectangle. I sewed using 1/4 inch seams. Be sure to allow for your seams if you are cutting your pieces to put together (not using scraps). Since I used "scraps" from the rag quilt, I didn't worry about this. Instead, I sewed things together the way I wanted them and then cut it down to the right size.

Iron all of the seams flat and then flip it over (right side) and iron all of the seams smooth.
Stack your terry cloth on top of this with the right sides facing each other. The wrong sides should be outside. You will sew on the wrong sides. I also pinned in random places to hold the terry cloth still--it slides around otherwise.

Sew around the rectangle using 1/2 inch seams. I wanted a bigger seam for this so it doesn't slip out which sometimes happens with a narrow seam on an item that gets a lot of wear and tear. Leave an opening on one edge. I like to leave an opening that is not one of the corners. This way, my corners will be sewn the same and the opening can be reinforced easily with backstitching. I backstitched a couple of times to reinforce the starting and ending points.

Here is your opening:

Clip off the corners being careful not to cut through your stitching.

Flip your burp cloth right side out by pulling it through the opening gently. Gently push the corners from the inside out to make them into corners instead of bunched up fabric. Iron them flat and smooth. Also, iron your opening so the edges are tucked to the inside about 1/2 inch and even. Pin it in place.

Sew around all sides. I like to start at the corner nearest the opening so the opening is taken care of first. You can use any stitch you would like--decorative or plain. I generally line the edge of my burp cloth up with the right edge of my presser foot so the decorative edge is near the actual edge. It doesn't really matter where it is as long as you are less than 1/2 inch to catch your opening in the stitching and you want to be sure to line it up with something so you can sew in a generally straight line. I also tend to round the corners instead of stopping and turning, but either way works fine.

There you go--finished.
Catch that spit up in style!
Or cover a dolly, or wipe a nose, or make a portable security blanket.
Whatever you do with it, just enjoy it!


Sara Kelley,  said... February 17, 2010 at 3:03 AM  

it's seriously been months since i've had the sewing machine out...these burp cloths make me want to get it out though!

Josée Roy,  said... February 17, 2010 at 8:22 AM  

Hello Tammy, other fine confections, love the colors.

I have a surprise for you on my blog, Dans ma maison, il y a...mes passions.

I wish you good day.

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