Friday, December 4, 2009

Tulle Fever

Despite everything I have read, I decided to try a pettiskirt with tulle. Problems on so many levels. Pettiskirts are not quick. They are not fun to make. They are not creative. Why, oh why, did I try this? Well, it was a challenge and I was ready for it. What is wrong with me? The pettiskirt mostly worked, but truly, it was a nightmare and a half. I was ready to give up shortly after I started. This poor skirt can stand on its own--so much fluff--and it was taking over my little workspace. I just had to see it through. It is hard to picture this in relative size, but all of this fluff is for a baby. Just wait for the picture of her in it and it will make more sense.

There were other issues, but the worst one was that I should have been using chiffon and I knew it. I just got so excited to get going right now and I didn't want to wait to order the chiffon. Tulle was readily available and so easy. At first. Let's just chalk it up to experience. The next one will be so much better and will not involve nearly so much tulle. Maybe just a little tulle.

Did I just say "the next one"?

Unfortunately, I did not stop there. No, I was still smitten with that tulle on some level. So I went for a beautiful and easy project. No challenges this time (ahem). I cannot explain why I had to sew and pick out and sew again, not once, but three times for that adjustable waistband. I cannot explain why that tulle would not stick out of the bottom of that skirt in a fun and flirty fashion. It was just a bunched up mass of scratchy stuff for a while. Several hours later, I conquered it. But, it should have been so easy.

Luckily, I am not sick any more. The fever is gone.
Tulle, please don't visit me; you are not my friend!


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