Monday, November 23, 2009

Well, then, who even wears flowers?

Okay, I am not really flower-wearing, nor are my girls, and certainly not my husband, but I love the name nonethless.

My mom always had lots of different projects going on. She tended to finish hers while I am a great starter and not such a great finisher. My Dad always had a lot of projects as well--he has built several homes and, thus, can build or fix just about anything. I always say to myself, "I can do that (or my mom or my dad can!)!" when I see great ideas. I wonder where I got that from?

I have a lot of creative interests and have varying degrees of success with each. I am definitely not an expert in any of them and don't even claim an amateur skill in most of them. But, 'I can do it," or I will go down trying most of the time! Of all the crafts I do, I think I have crafted the art of sewing the best. It is definitely the one with which I have had the most success. I have sewn lots and lots of dresses and other outfits for my three girls. I have avoided sewing for others because I have been so worried that they wouldn't like what I just spent several hours making. I have finally stepped out of my comfort zone and started sewing for others and it has been good.

I am a rule-follower when it comes to sewing. I like patterns, I understand patterns, and I want to follow a pattern. Because I have sewn with a pattern for so long, I understand how clothes are put together. This is good when it comes to mixing things up and getting creative. On the flip side, I am not really good at scrapping the patterns and going out on my own--too scary, still. But, I am learning to be more creative and to enjoy it.

It is also very important to me to sew things that look professional and not "homemade." This means it takes longer to make it right, but it is so worth it. Sometimes, this gets carried too far, in sewing and other crafts, and I am not happy with something until it looks exactly the way I have pictured it in my mind. That kind of attitude can be self-defeating sometimes, so I am learning to overcome it. One way I am doing this is to change what I am making to something else. I have been so inspired by others' blogs, especially the re-purposing and upstyling that I am seeing so much of. This is really teaching me to be more creative and more accepting of projects.

That being said, I also enjoy painting, furniture refinishing and painting, crafty kinds of crafts, baking, fabric and felt, scrapbooking paper and tools (can't seem to actually create), and collecting creative ideas.

This blog is my way to share with you my learning process as I work on projects I love. I am learning so much from other creative blogs and it has inspired me to create and share. I hope to inspire someone else in the same way.

I am a wife and a stay-at-home mom to three daughters (twins and a toddler) and have all of the resposibilities that go with those jobs. That means this blog will be about some of that, too, because that is the biggest part of my life even before the craft and sewing projects. I spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and probably just as much time trying to figure out how to not do those things or at least make them more simple!

I hope you enjoy learning about my projects, pieces of our lives and how we enjoy doing the things we do.


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